Tailor Your Financing Plan With Us

Choose Carro and let our car experts settle all the paperwork so you can drive your dream car home with ease.
From 2.5%
Low interest rates
12-60 months
Flexible loan tenure
No hidden charges
Transparent loan terms
Documents required: Copy of your ID, Vehicle Registration Document, Address Proof, Income Proof

Why Choose Us?

Tailor your financing plan with us
Flexible loan options
Flexible loan options
Partnership with major financial providers
Partnership with major financial providers
Competitive interest rates
Competitive interest rates

Frequently Asked Questions

What is financing?
This refers to car loans. If you plan to pay with a loan, we are happy to provide you with advice and plans that are tailor to you.
How do I know if I qualify for a loan?
Drop us a message and we'll be able to do a preliminary assessment based on your previous lending habits. If there are no issues with the initial assessment, we will be able to submit the application directly and wait for bank approval.
What is the maximum loan amount I can take?
The loan amount depends on the price of the car and your income.
What factors determine my loan eligibility?
Your credit rating, income, bank balance, etc., will determine if you are eligible for a loan.