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10 Sedans You Should Consider

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Cars are complex and varied machines. Each one has a different engine and therefore consumes different amounts of fuel to output different amounts of power. As fuel is one of the main expenditures when running a car, we will take a look at 10 fuel efficient sedans you should consider in 2021. We will be using Ron 95 priced at RM2.05 to calculate the expenditure assuming a person drives 28,148km a year pre-pandemic.

Perodua Bezza

Fuel efficient Red Perodua Bezza sedan
Perodua Bezza. Source.

The Bezza is a sedan made by Malaysia’s own Perodua. The manual 1.0 will set you back RM33k while the 1.3 AV comes in at RM48k, making it of the affordable cars on this list. The only Malaysian car on this list is also the most fuel efficient car on this list with an estimated fuel economy of 27.4km/ℓ. That is RM2,105 spent on fuel a year.

Honda City

Red Honda CIty RS. Hybrid. Fuel Efficient
Honda City. Source.

Arguably the most popular non-national car, the Honda City is often seen on the roads of Malaysia. It is pricier than the Bezza starting at RM74k, it has a larger 1.5ℓ engine and better comfort in terms of seating. Its fuel economy is unfortunately not as great as the Bezza, but still good at 17.4 km/ℓ which is about RM3,198 spent on fuel a year.

Toyota Vios

Orange Toyota Vios, Fuel efficient
The Toyota Vios. Source.

A member of the Toyota family, the Vios is another car that is popular for its reliability. Starting at RM76k, the Vios is slightly pricier than the City but has better fuel economy at 19.57 km/ℓ or RM2,948 spent on fuel every year.

Honda Civic 1.5T

Grey Honda Civic, Fuel Efficient
Honda Civic. Source.

Although the Honda Civic first appeared in 1972, the car has gone through many iterations and improvements, even recategorised as a compact car in the year 2000. Starting at RM109k and having a fuel economy of 16.5 km/ℓ, it is certainly a good car. If you decide to own it, you will spending about RM3,497 a year on fuel.

Volvo S60 T8

Red Volvo S60 T8, Fuel efficient
Volvo S60 T8. Source.

The Swedish automaker Volvo has been making cars since 1927. So it comes to no surprise that the Volvo S60 T8 makes this list. It is however pricier than previous cars at RM348k but has a respectable fuel economy at 12.8km/ℓ. This comes to about RM4,508 spent on fuel every year.

BMW 330E

Grey BMW 330e Fuel Efficient
The BMW 330e. Source.

Starting at RM225k, the BMW 330e is most high end and the priciest car on this list. It does however have the second lowest fuel economy at 7.8ℓ/km. As such, expect to spend roughly RM7,397 if you decide to own one.

Mazda 3

Silver Mazda 3, fuel efficient
Mazda 3. Source.

Cheaper than the previous 2 cars, the Mazda 3 comes in at RM137k. It also has better fuel economy than the 330e at 12.2km/ℓ, the annual fuel cost would be around RM4,730.

Nissan Almera

Red Nissan Almera. Fuel Efficient
Nissan Almera. Source.

If you are planning on just living in a big city, the Nissan Almera is for you. It’s price tag of RM80k makes it more affordable than some of the cars on this list. Top it off with a fuel economy of 13.89km/ℓ or RM4,154 spent on fuel every year, it certainly is in the middle of the pack.

Volkswagen Passat

Blue Volkswagen Passat. Fuel Efficient
Volkswagen Passat. Source.

It is rare for German automakers to make bad cars and the Volkswagen Passat proves that rule. With a starting price of RM181k and a fuel economy of 12.2km/ℓ, the Passat will cost you RM4,729 in fuel every year. Not bad for a car of this price range.

Honda Accord 1.5T

White Honda Accord 1.5T. Fuel Efficient
Honda Accord 1.5T. Source.

Is it really a surprise that another Honda is on this list? Coming in at RM186k and having a fuel economy of 15.8km/ℓ, you will spend about RM3,652 a year on fuel should you own an Accord.

So these are the 10 fuel efficient sedans to consider in 2021! Interested in buying any of these cars second hand? Follow the link to start searching!

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