4 best hybrids for urbanites

Living in the city is wonderful and tough. You’ve got the hustle and bustle of the city, the vibrant lights, all the things to do. But because cities tend to be big, you might need a car to get around. And not just any car. A car that is comfortable, fuel-efficient, and dare we ask…. for it to be environmentally friendly as well? Well good thing EVs and hybrids are on the rise and more and more charging points around the city are being set up. So if you’re shopping around for your next ride, here are 4 hybrids to consider:

Honda Jazz Hybrid: Perfect for a tight budget

Choosing the right car can be a challenge, especially when you’re a young driver. Price is almost always the biggest concern, followed by fuel efficiency. In the city, size can also be a concern but as a young driver with few commitments, you are free to get something small.

That is why the Jazz hybrid 1.3AT is best for young drivers as it is a hatchback which makes it perfect for urban driving. Starting at RM41k, you can squeeze into that parking space which bigger cars would never fit into or make that tight turn with a 5.1 metre turning radius. Honda also claims it only consumes 4.7l per 100 km!

The jazz hybrid in all its cute glory. Source.

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Honda City Hybrid: Perfect for the performance driver

The Honda City Hybrid: combining compactness, power, and efficiency.

Driving a powerful car and living in the big city. Hearing the hum of the engine as you drive. Feeling the raw power of the car as you put the pedal to the metal. These are things you want to feel from your car, yet you want to do your part for the environment. These things may seem contradictory but they don’t have to be!

Yes, you can get a car that is perfect for the city, has a powerful engine that scratches your itch, and is good for the environment! Just check out the Honda City hybrid 1.5AT!

This hybrid has a turning radius of 5.3 metres, so tight corners are not a problem! With a combined engine output of 137 horsepower, the City Hybrid’s engine is roughly as powerful as a 1.8 litre engine. With an engine like that, you can dart in and out of city traffic. Now, you may think this car is a fuel guzzler, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth! Honda claims it consumes a low 3.9 litres of petrol per 100km! The best part, it starts at RM62k!

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Honda HR-V Hybrid: For the mom that does it all

The Honda HR-V Hybrid is a soccer mom’s dream.

Being a mother isn’t easy. You have to take care of the kids, get groceries, and also accomplish your personal goals. You will need a big and powerful car, one that can easily transport you and your children around as well as any groceries and items you and your children need for afterschool activities. This car also needs to be spacious enough to accommodate all your kids without being too cramped.

We suggest the HR-V hybrid 1.5AT. It has a total output of 152Hp, close to a 2.0 engine, which makes driving with a full load of kids and groceries in the 335 litre boot a breeze. Honda also claims it can go 100km with only 3.7 litres, which is perfect so you don’t have to stop often to refuel.

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Nissan Serena: For the big family

The Nissan Serena guarantees serenity for big families. Source.

Having many kids means a lot to consider: space, seating, fuel. You need a car that can fit them and all their things comfortably, and one that can travel a reasonable distance.

Starting at RM81k, the Serena CVT H/STAR S-Hybrid 2.0AT is the hybrid for the job. It can seat six including the driver, and comes with a remote activated boot door which means no more fumbling to insert the key! Running on 143 HP, it consumes about 6.6 litres per 100km, which is decent for such a large vehicle. With a 60 litre tank, you can theoretically go 660km without refuelling.

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The city is a big place. That of course means there are a large variety of people with as many different needs. That does not mean you cannot find a hybrid that is right for your lifestyle. Browse our website for a variety of hybrids and enjoy the Tukar-Je Sale happening right now!

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