4 reasons to get a good paint job

A good paint job does more than make your car look good. It is also a protective layer that keeps your car’s body free from scratches and damaging materials like bird droppings. If left unattended, these issues, although seemingly minor, can result in the formation of rust. If you do not act swiftly, no amount of paint can stop the spread of the rust, compromising more areas than you can see, including safety and your car’s value!

Red scare

Car damaged
A car damaged by exposure to the elements

Rust is scary. When you see it on your car, it is imperative you take care of it ASAP. Otherwise, the rust can spread, even to areas that are still covered by paint! Once that happens, your car’s structural integrity will be compromised, which can make something like an accident a lot more dangerous. Even if an accident doesn’t happen, repairing a car when it reaches this stage is going to cost you a bomb!

That is why you shouldn’t wait for it to get that bad! Frequently wash your car to remove corrosive liquids like bird droppings and dust that can scratch your paint. Always repaint your car once you notice exposed metal. It doesn’t matter if it was caused by scratches, chips, bird droppings or even tree sap. Exposed metal can make you mental! So nip the problem in the bud and get your car repainted!

Smooth out the imperfections

Bumper. scratch
You should not let it get this bad

Even if you don’t get into a car accident, your car may still have dents or scratches due to carelessness, be it yours or someone else’s. This can be caused by a plethora of reasons, from opening the car door too wide and accidentally hitting the wall to articles of clothing scratching the paint. Other times, it can be caused by the environment. Corrosive liquids like bird droppings can eat away the paint while dust particles can surprisingly scratch the paint.

So to remove all the imperfections accumulated over the years, you can get your car repainted. Once you’ve got that factory-fresh look, make sure you get your car washed ASAP every time you spot bird droppings so your car can continue to…

Shine like a star

mytukar rebranding, paint job

If your car is looking old and battered, it is about time you get it repainted, even if there are no chips or scratches! Over the years, UV rays beat down on your car, causing the paint to fade. Over time, the UV rays break the paint down and the end result is a car that looks old and uncared for.

While you may be alright with its appearance, this damaged paint is no longer able to protect your car as well as it did before. It can start peeling, which exposes the metal below to the elements! All it takes is one repaint to refresh your car’s look, making it stand out and look as good as new! It will be as if all those years have never passed.

Adding value

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Are you deciding against repainting because you’re selling your car? We’ll let you in on a secret: repainting your car can make its resale value go up! The simple reason is perception. If something looks good, it is more likely to attract people.

In the case of a car, the perception people have towards the car is just as important as a car’s functionality. This is why used Toyotas sell for much higher than their ‘actual’ value. People perceive them to be good cars, which drives up demand, and therefore, price. If you are not selling your car immediately, protecting your car’s new paint job with frequent washing and a layer of wax on top of that can go a long way to protect your car’s paint and therefore, value as the years go by.

So if you’re looking to sell or trade-in, simply transforming an old-looking but functional car to one that looks and feels factory fresh will allow you to ask for more.

If your car needs a touch-up, myTukar can help you with that! From simple servicing to a full refurbish, we got you covered. Simply get a quote and schedule your appointment!

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