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5 Car Habits You Should Stop

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Whether you admit or not, we all have at least one bad car habit. In the long run, it might damage your vehicle and cost you unnecessary expenses. If you truly appreciate your car, it’s best to get rid of these 5 car habits. This way, you can increase your car’s life span.

Unexpected acceleration and braking

When you are in the city, there is no need to accelerate as you will stop at traffic lights every couple hundred metres unless you are on the highway. Sudden speeding and braking will not only burn petrol faster, the brake pads will eventually wear out. So, if you would like to save on your expenses, try to get rid of this bad car habit.

Driving with your petrol tank half full

Did you know? Driving with only a few litres of petrol can do more harm than good. Although your car would be lighter, dirt and rust can accumulate in your petrol tank overtime. As a result, they can enter your car’s fuel system and block its fuel filter if your car’s petrol level drops too low. Therefore, do not take this matter lightly, pun intended.

Pay no attention to the warning lights in your car

In case you are not aware, take notice of your car’s warning lights as they could be signalling you that your car needs fixing. It is no joke when it could jeopardise your safety. Get it fixed as soon as possible to avoid further damage to the car. Better still, you could probably be saving your own life.

Overloading your car

It’s best to not go over the weight limit of your car. Why? Your car burns more fuel when it’s overloaded. Not to mention it will weigh down your car’s suspension and brakes. Remember to unload unnecessary heavy equipment you don’t need.

All in all, you should totally avoid these car habits in order for your car to have a longer life span. Talk to us if you are looking for maintenance services. Interested to get a new ride? Check out our line-up of cars at your convenience.

Buying a car

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