5 Fun Ways to Document Your Road Trips

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Interstate travel was officially allowed to resume back on 11th October. Since then, everyone has been hastily planning road trips in Malaysia because traveling overseas was yet to be permitted. It’s a known fact that the pandemic has taken so many lives, which has reminded everyone to take advantage of the time we have left. This is why documenting any road trip can become very meaningful. However, better make sure you’ve maintained your car before going for a road trip. Having your car break down during the journey can be frustrating. 

Here’s some ways you can document your road trips:

Road Trips in Malaysia

road trips in malaysia

Keep Your Itinerary

An itinerary is like the heart of the trip. You prepare the destinations you’d like to go to, such as places to see, foods or activities to enjoy. Having an itinerary helps in organizing your routes and managing your time well. The planning can be tedious but having a smooth journey is more important than a messy one. So keep your road trip itineraries as memories. Not to forget, they can be reusable, and you can share them with friends or family members to enjoy!

Get a Paper Map

Get a map that is specifically of Malaysia, and mark the places you’ve gone to. Keep using the same map for every road trip, and gradually you’ve been to most or close to all the places in Malaysia. Once you’re satisfied with your achievement, you can frame it up. Showcase it to your friends or family members and start sharing with them your experiences.

Take Photographs

Taking photos can never go wrong on any road trip. It doesn’t have to be great photos like those you can find in exhibitions. It just needs to be photos that you can remember and cherish.

There’s no point in taking photos like a professional but not feeling attached to it. Photos exist to create meaning and emotions for yourself. Create your memories, create your ‘own world’ that you can revisit.

If buying a camera is an expensive investment for you, you can always take photos with your mobile phone. Nowadays, phones come equipped with pretty advanced cameras and can produce great quality photos.

Create Video Logs (VLOGS)

Have you never heard of Video Logs (VLOGS)? Well, you should! For those who aren’t that great with taking photos, you can opt for recording videos instead. You can document your journey from the start till finish, or you can record specific moments you’d like to remember.

Once your trip ends, you can edit them into a film that you can watch with your friends or family members. If you’d like to share it with the public, you can create a social media account and upload the film for everyone to watch.

Write a Journal

Although writing is not for everyone, it’s an excellent habit to write about your road trips in a journal – it helps you to be in touch with your thoughts. You’ll be surprised at how much healing it can do for you, especially if you’ve recently been through something unpleasant. You don’t have to write an essay on your trip. Instead, you can jot down daily thoughts and experiences. Just keep it simple.

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