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5 tips to get the best price for your car

Saying goodbye is tough, but you could come out a winner when you sell your car the right way. Before you hand your car over, ask yourself: did I get the best price for my car? Here are 5 important tips you should know to get a better price for your car. PS: The last one is just as important as the first!

Know the car’s value

air con, inspection
An inspector inspects the functionality of a car’s air conditioning.

One of the first things an owner should do is get the rough value of your car. That will allow you to price your car at the sweet spot. Check how much a new car would cost, find out what other car sellers are pricing their cars, and of course, go to multiple car dealers to get various quotations if you have to! Knowledge is power and you’ll want to get the most out of it. At Carro, all you have to do is schedule an inspection and get the best price for your car! If you like it, you can sell it to us immediately on the spot. No fuss!

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Maintain your service records

Service Record

A well-maintained car is a car that will go a long way. Therefore, a good and complete service record is crucial to prove that a car is in good condition especially if it is still under warranty. Not having complete service records would make it difficult to sell your car at its actual value. While you can’t turn back time and backdate all your servicing records, gather what records and receipts you have and organise them.

If you don’t have any maintenance records, fret not! At Carro, we’ll do a thorough inspection to find out your car’s exact condition – and that’s how we give you the best price!

Be honest about the car’s condition

man sitting in car
That’s not a face you wanna see after a test drive. Source.

No one likes a liar. Especially when that someone is paying a large sum of money to buy something from you. If your car has issues, be upfront with the buyer about it. Don’t promise your potential buyer a dream car only for them to find out during the test drive the car has 101 different issues. It will make the rest of the test drive short and awkward.

Wash and polish

Best price, car polish

First impressions matter! When your prospective buyer sees a car, a clean and shiny exterior immediately makes them think it is well taken care of. So before you go to a viewing, give your car a thorough wash and polish. A wash and polish do more than just make your car clean. It can even remove light scratches that do not break the paint!

So if you want to give your prospective buyers a good impression the moment they lay eyes on your car, give your car a good scrub-down before meeting them. Your buyer and wallet will thank you!

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Keep your NCD

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Your NCD or “No Claim Discount” is a vital part of your insurance plan. The discount increases every year until it reaches 55%, which can save you thousands on your yearly insurance payments! So remember to transfer the NCD from your old car to your new car!

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Dodging issues and scams coming your way when you sell your car is not easy. But with these 5 tips, you should be able to sell your car safely!

Saying goodbye to your baby is not easy, but selling your car should be. Simply book an inspection with Carro! Book an inspection to get the best price for your car within 24 hours and when you sell you get paid instantly! Don’t wait! Book an inspection today!

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