5 Ways to Prep your Car for Year End Travels in Malaysia

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The year is coming to an end, and this calls for using up your leave wisely by going travelling! Travelling overseas is currently made available in Malaysia. However, it may not be an ideal travel plan for everyone, making traveling interstate a more comfortable choice. However, traveling by car means your car needs to be in good condition. Here are five (5) ways to prep your car for year end travels in Malaysia:

Year End Travels in Malaysia

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Going for a trip means you’ll need to make sure your tank is full at all times, especially if you’re travelling by highway. There may not be any petrol station in sight, so you may need to drive further down to see one! Don’t wait until there are only a few litres left in your tank to refuel. It will not just give you a panic attack when the fuel blinkers start turning on, but it’s also not good for your fuel tank in the long run – rust will start to spread through the fuel filter and hamper the fuel flow.


If you’re starting your journey in the evening, the night will fall fast on you. You’ll need the help of your headlights to get through the night. Before you go on your trip, it’s best to check if they are bright when you switch them on. If they are not, better drive it to myTukar‘s Service Centre to get them replaced. Depending on your car model, you can have it requested and we’ll see to it.

Engine Oil

The primary purpose for cars to have engine oil is to provide lubrication to your car’s engine, preventing it from rubbing against one another. When not regularly maintained, your engine part’s life span will be shortened and may be destroyed in a very short time. Other than that, it also acts as a cooling supplement for areas that your coolant cannot reach. If you were to drive without engine oil, you risk damaging your car, and the worst case scenario is you may need to replace the engine entirely.

At myTukar, we’re using Liqui Moly (made in Germany), suitable for modern engines. It reduces fuel consumption, but it also has extra additives that effectively manage high-heat situations. Available in two (2) types, which are Leichtlauf HC7 5W-30 and Leichtlauf HC7 5W-40.

Water Temperature

Imagine you’re driving, and steam starts to erupt out from your car’s radiator. It’s like having a nightmare in broad daylight. You’ll be forced to stop by the roadside, and everyone will be looking your way. This only happens if your car coolant is on the verge of running low or has already dried up. If you’re the type that prepares, you’ll have a coolant back at your trunk to reach for. If you don’t have any, then you’ll need to call up your mechanic for the rescue.

To avoid these situations from happening, myTukar uses Tanikawa Chemical Laboratory (TLC)’s Long Life Coolant, which is made in Japan. It has a notable cooling performance that prevents overheating from happening. Other than that, it provides excellent performance in protecting metal parts inside the engine. Don’t forget, expect high heat levels when you’re spending your year end travels in a country like Malaysia. It’s recommended to go for the best coolant out there.

Tyre Pressure & Alignment

Driving with low-pressure tyres can be dangerous and may cause a tyre blowout. Imagine you’re going at 120 km/h, and one of your tyres burst, sending you spiraling across the road. You’re lucky if the road is empty, but what if it wasn’t? You’ll be causing multiple accidents and people may get injured in the process. It’s recommended to get your tyre pressure checked regularly.

For more professional assistance, drive up to myTukar to have them done perfectly. While you’re at it, you should get an alignment as well. myTukar uses an up-to-date Computerised Wheel Alignment machine to check your car’s alignment to provide more stability on the road. Most importantly, this maximises your tyre life!

Start Booking with myTukar!

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