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8 Road Safety Tips for New Drivers

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Ever since the Phase 3 National Recovery Plan was announced, everyone is gradually going outdoors either for working purposes or to enjoy a long drive on the road. Those who are out and about must adhere to the government’s Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). To ensure everyone’s protected from the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Aside from that, did you know there are also SOPs when you’re on the road as well? Here are some road safety tips for new drivers out there in Malaysia:

Road Safety in Malaysia

road safety in malaysia

Safety Checks

Give your car tyres a little kick; this is to avoid them suddenly bursting on you. Check your doors if you’ve closed them firmly. Adjust your seats to match your height and your leg length between the pedals. Check your steering wheel’s condition – don’t want to drive halfway and realizing it’s loose! Not to forget your mirrors; they need to be aligned to your eyesight. Lastly, put on your seatbelts before driving off.

Two Hands on the Wheel

You may have seen a few of your friends or family members driving with only a single hand holding the wheel. Well, that is not a safe habit to have in the long run. You may come across a slippery road, and without you realizing it- you’ve lost control of the wheel. Having something like that happen is worse than a nightmare. So, it’s best to keep two hands on the wheel.

Say ‘NO’ to Phones

Nothing screams accidents more than using with your phone while driving. Maybe you’re receiving multiple messages or feeling bored while driving; it doesn’t give you the excuse to reach out to your phone. You only have a pair of eyes! How are you going to focus on the road while looking at your phone? You must always remember, a second looking away from the road can lead to something disastrous. You must prioritize your life before anything else.

Abide to Traffic Regulations

Never go against traffic regulations such as the speed limit. If there’s a road sign that says 50/kmph, you should abide by it. There may be a slippery or winding road up ahead which requires you to slow down. Better to avoid any accidents during your Probationary Driving License (PDL) period. With that said, you should learn your road signs knowledge well before you even start driving. 

The Middle Lane Rule

It’s best to maintain on the middle lane for a few months until you’re more familiar with the driving situation around you. It’s advisable to avoid the third lane due to it being the fast lane. If you’re not driving fast enough, there is a high possibility you’ll get tailgated by the car behind you. Don’t put yourself at potential risk of an accident.

Always Indicate

You may see many cars not indicating on the road, especially if you’re driving in a big city. It would be best if you didn’t get into that habit as well. Drivers around you wouldn’t know which lane you’ll suddenly want to switch to. You may catch someone by surprise and cause an accident. Subsequently, you’ll be ruining everyone’s mood for the day (maybe even longer).

Ban Alcohol

Your mind will never function to its best when you’re drunk, especially when you’re driving. Not only are you putting other people’s lives on the line, but also yours. If you’re heading somewhere where you’ll be consuming alcohol, you better get Grab or choose a designated driver who will not drink to send you home.

In another case, if you’ve realized there’s a drunk driver ahead who is showing signs of them losing their grip on their wheel – best to give them a honk before anything else happens. Did you know driving under the influence of alcohol is a severe offence and may get you arrested?

Relax, You’ll do Great

Being a new driver can be tremendous pressure for some. Well, a piece of advice. Don’t be too tense when you’re driving. Just be awake and alert with your surroundings. You’ll be a good driver in no time.

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