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Are Cabriolets and Convertibles Appropriate in Malaysia ?

It’s a dream for car enthusiasts to own a drop-top, be it a cabriolet,  convertible, or roadster. Despite lacking in the rigidity, handling, and aerodynamics department cabriolets are always seen as a class above when compared to their hardtop counterpart. Cabriolets turn heads like no other, the attention that you get when in one is exceptional. But are they appropriate in Malaysia?

Malaysia is too hot for a cabriolet/convertible ?

Why don’t we see them on the road often then? Most Malaysians will tell you that the weather is too hot to drop the top, is it really? Well, it is undeniable that during the day especially in the afternoon it is scorching hot in Malaysia, but we do have moments that are relatively cool and breezy. 

Most of our commutes happen in the early mornings and evenings where we commute to and from work. At those hours, the weather is actually not warm and at times it might even be cool. In fact, a study shows apart from 10am to 5pm where the temperature peaks, it is actually cool here in Malaysia. Let’s not forget the chilly weather after the rain, some might even call it cold especially during the night. These are all opportunities for you to enjoy open-air driving and have the wind blowing through your hair. 

Safety concern of a drop top

Another concern that Malaysian have with cabriolets is their safety, especially the soft top cabriolets. The fear of someone slashing the soft top intentionally or unintentionally, and for the safety of passengers during a crash. Although it is not hard to slash a soft top with a knife, cases of convertible soft tops being slashed is uncommon; in fact it’s irrational. Our car windows can be broken and tires can be punctured easily as well, but it doesn’t stop us from driving and using our car. In reality, if you’re marked by a thief, they will find a way to break in no matter what you drive. Cabriolets are meant to be enjoyed and not to be worried about. 

In terms of the crashworthiness, you can rest assured that passenger safety in cabriolets are not far off from the traditional fixed roof vehicle. All cabriolets come with roll over protection. In the event of a flip-over accident, the deployable or fixed roll over protection will ensure the safety of the passenger compartment. In case you’re wondering, the only things that might intrude into the passenger compartment are raindrops and bird droppings. 

So are cabriolets/convertibles appropriate in Malaysia? Yes of course! Malaysian weather should not be the reason for you to not buy a cabriolet. In fact it should be the reason for you to buy one.  If you have always been eyeing or thinking of getting a cabriolet, go ahead and do it. I can assure you that it will be a choice that you will never regret. Head over to our website and shop for your favorite drop top now!


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