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So many car models, so little time to think about which is the perfect one for you. Fret not! Thanks to our wide variety of myTukar Certified cars, you’ll definitely find one that will fit your needs (and personality!)

We’ll also sweeten the deal! From now till 30 September, buy a myTukar Certified car and you’ll automatically get 20% off your next insurance renewal. Plus, you could be one of the 10 lucky winners who will win a cash voucher worth RM3,000, which can be redeemed and used for myTukar’s after sales services, parts and body & paint services! Terms and Conditions apply.

Drive home a myTukar Certified car that is As Good As New

Compact, fuel-savers for young, urban drivers

myTukar Certified Myvi

Of course the legendary Perodua Myvi is on this list! The national car is not only a compact fuel saving hatchback at 21 km/l, it is also perfect for urban driving with a minimum turning radius of 4.8 metres. For new drivers, this could be a relief as you avoid striking pesky kerbs. We also love how the Myvi is modern and high-tech, with an anti-lock braking system that prevents you from skidding when you brake at high speeds. It is also more powerful than the Axia, at 78.6 W/kg, meaning the Myvi has better performance and can accelerate better.

Most value-for-money for big savers

Depending on the model, a Perodua Axia can be slightly more affordable than a Myvi to costing less than half! can be slightly more affordable than a Myvi to costing less than half of one! This makes the Axia perfectly suited for those on a very tight budget. And since it is also more fuel saving than a Myvi at 25.3 km/l, you can increase your savings.

Plus point – if you are an anxious and/or not-so-experienced driver, the Axia is a great choice since it has a smaller turning radius at 4.5 metres, which will help get you out of tight spots much more easily. It does have the lowest power-to-weight ratio on our list with 55.4W/kg, but it shouldn’t be an issue if you’re driving in the city without carrying too much weight.

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The versatile ride for e-hailing hustlers

If you’re looking for a ride that can double up as a versatile e-hailing vehicle, then an affordable sedan like the Perodua Bezza might be up your alley. With a similar turning radius as the Axia, this sedan is also well suited for beginner drivers in the big city as well. It doesn’t look like it, but the Bezza comes with a 508 litre boot, and you’ll be surprised at how it can fit 3-4 luggages easily! This is why the Bezza is the go to Grab car for many drivers, making airport trips an easy journey with a powerful power-to-weight ratio of 80 W/kg.

The only downside is that the Bezza is less fuel-saving than the Axia (you can’t get power without burning fuel!) and is roughly comparable to a Myvi at 21 km/l.

Stylish sedan for the salaryman

You want stylish on a budget? Got it. Then the classic, ever-reliable Honda Civic sedan that’s been around since 1972 will take you far, both in your journeys and career. The car is sleek with a streamlined sporty exterior, wide-open views, advanced handling and decent fuel economy. In short, it’s meant to impress.

We especially love the 10th generation Honda Civics for its additional interior, legroom and boot space. Talk about an upgrade! What we also like about the Civic is the fact that it comes in multiple body styles – so you could go for the hatchback if you’re the sporty sort, and if you’re really feeling bougie, then the coupe (though discontinued in 2021) is the obvious choice.

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Mass transporter for big families

Do you live with a big family? Then perhaps the classic Perodua Alza is the car you need as it is an MPV made for the city. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the 5 metre turning radius and good handling. Both of these make this car incredibly practical for urban driving despite its size.

On top of that, the Alza is fuel efficient like all Perodua cars at 22 km/l, comparable to a Myvi! It also has a decent power-to-weight ratio of 66.9W/kg, allowing it to haul up to seven people around!

Stand to win a myTukar cash voucher worth RM3,000

Buy a myTukar Certified from now till 30 September, and you’ll automatically be in the running to win a cash voucher worth RRM3,000! 10 lucky winners will be able to use this voucher on all after sales services, parts, as well as spray paint services for 1 year. Even better, you can register a second car to enjoy these benefits!

Automatically get a 20% discount on insurance renewal

Our hassle-free process does not end once you buy a car. We continue to provide a hassle-free car ownership experience after you take the keys and drive home. That is why every car bought from now until 30 Sep will get a 20% discount on insurance renewal with myTukar the following year!

Our inventory of as good as new myTukar Certified cars awaits! Check them out and you might drive home your dream car! If you are saying goodbye to your old car before you buy, sell your used car here!

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