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Car Maintenance Basics Everyone Should Know

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As a car owner, it is important to know some tips about maintaining your car at its optimal level. The good news is, you do not need to be a professional mechanic for you to achieve that. You will learn more about car maintenance basics once you have read through this article.

How to change headlights

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Headlights are one of the most crucial features in a car. You get to see clearer on the road and help others to see you. Thankfully, changing a car headlight is not a tedious process. You will actually get to save time by doing it yourself rather than making an appointment with the mechanics. By following these 5 steps, you get to be one step closer to becoming a pro yourself. Firstly, power your car down. Next, open the engine compartment. Then, disconnect the headlight bulb power wires. Next, unscrew the old headlight. Finally, screw in the new headlight bulb.

How to check tyre pressure

Checking your tyre pressure from time to time is an essential car maintenance basic. It’s best to always use the same tyre pressure gauge. Inflate to the pressures listed on the carmaker’s decal, not the maximum pressure listed on the tyre. Take note that the recommended tyre pressure is based on the weight of your particular vehicle, not the tyre brand or tread style.

How to replace wiper blades

You will know when your blades need replacing as you press the washer button. If they start making unnecessary sounds, they are no longer usable. It is best to replace with a branded one instead of the economy blades as they last longer and their high quality rubber wipes better. All you need to do is follow the installation instructions on the package and you are good to go.

These are just some car maintenance basics for you to get familiar with. In search of a trusted workshop? myTukar is here to help with all your maintenance needs. From air conditioning services to tyre services, you can count on us. Looking for a new ride? You can browse our cars from the comfort of home. Our team will be ready to get in touch with you.

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  1. Thanks, for discussing some preventative maintenance like checking for the tire pressure as an optimized one depends on how much the car weighs. if I need these services, of course, I would look for one who has already gained my trust. It would be great to think about having a clear understanding of your service provider.

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