6 best car upgrades that make life easier

Cars are our second home. Or more accurately, a private living room we drive around in. That is why our comfort and safety in our mobile homes is important. We need to protect ourselves and loved ones from insurance scammers or unseen curbs when reversing. That is why we have a list of car upgrades to make life much better for you and your loved ones ranging from convenience to comfort and safety. Best part? If you want to sell your car, perhaps these car upgrades might just push up its valuation!


car dashcam

We’ve seen those scams. People jump in front of cars and intimidate drivers into paying huge sums of money so they don’t get into trouble. Dashcams can save you trouble and let the police know that you are, in fact, innocent. There are even options for rear cameras, internal cameras, and even audio capabilities! No matter the situation, your dashcam can easily help abang polis make a decision on who’s at fault in an accident.

fake accident, dashcam

For a very inexpensive price of a few hundred Ringgit, you can buy and install a dashcam onto your car which will protect you, your passengers, and your wallet. Plus, potential car buyers also love it when you sell your dashcam and accessories in a single sale – talk about convenience!

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Reverse camera

Backup camera, reverse camera

Who’s going to say no to a little additional help when it comes to parking (especially parallel parking!)? Visual aids can be very helpful to make up for it and to reduce accidents or even simple car damage. In this case, installing a reverse camera on a car can make parking significantly easier – whether you’re a seasoned driver or newbie who needs a helping hand.

Reverse camera
A view of a reverse camera with parking aids.

Even if you are certain of your driving skills, you might miss a low obstacle, pets or even small children that your sensors can’t detect. A reverse camera can prevent a tragic backover accident from occurring as you can clearly see what’s behind you. This, of course, means you will need to install a dashboard screen in your car, which brings us to the next point.

Dashboard screen

Dashboard, touchscreen, buttons
A Citroën car with a touch screen and a few buttons.

Installing an aftermarket dashboard screen is a pretty common modification. It improves the car’s functionality by allowing your car to connect to a variety of other features. For example, you can connect your dashboard screen to your dashcam and reverse camera, allowing you easy access to both. This dashboard screen can also connect to your phone via Bluetooth. That way you can view your GPS directions on a bigger screen instead of a diminutive phone screen that is sitting on a phone holder. If you’re thinking of selling your car in the near future, then this car upgrade is definitely worth its salt and future buyers might just appreciate this good upgrade!

Leather seat covers

Velfire seats
Leather seats in a Vellfire

Oh no! Your kids spilt something on your car seat! It’s a good thing you upgraded to leather seat covers, making cleaning a breeze. Just take a simple cloth, apply a leather-friendly cleaning solution and wipe away! There is no need to worry about stains on your fabric seats. Leather seats are also less likely to develop smells, which can make driving your car a more pleasant experience.

What’s more, high-quality leather seats look luxurious and with proper care, can last many years! With great-looking interiors and sleek detailing, this may just help increase your car’s resale value too!

Side steps

side steps
The struggle is real. Source.

If your car does not come with one, this is a modification you might want to consider if you drive a high car like an SUV. This extra step will make it much easier for your little ones and elderly members of your family to get in the car. As with all things, making things more accessible also helps when you or your passengers are fatigued or even when you have a simple injury like a sprained ankle. Get yourself a side step and you can say goodbye to heaving yourself into the car when all you need is to make two small steps.

Boot organiser

Boot space is limited. But if you organise that space, you can maximise the usage of that space. You will be able to give the permanent items in your boot a home, i.e. a permanent spot, and better organise the groceries you buy.

Boot organiser, car upgrade
Look at how neat it is! Source.

Not only will your items be organised, but it will also prevent them from rolling around and getting damaged. You don’t want to be driving and suddenly hear a thump or clunk from the inside of your car. Then you will have to spend the rest of your drive wondering if something broke and spilt all over the inside of your car.

If you get a boot organiser, you know everything will stay in place, so your drive home after grocery shopping can be worry-free!

A single one of these car upgrades will make your life a lot easier. If you get them all, the convenience provided increases exponentially! Let’s not forget that any improvement you make benefits not only you but your passengers and anyone who drives your car. Let us know if you got these car upgrades or if we missed anything crucial in the comments below!

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