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5 cars that depreciate quickly

Not all cars are made equal. Some have higher demand, so they depreciate slower or even appreciate over time once they become rare. This ranges from the ever-popular national cars like the Perodua Myvi to the reliable Japanese Honda City. But what about those cars that don’t maintain their value? Is it better to sell these cars when they’re early in its use? Here is a list of 5 cars that depreciate quickly and what you can do about it. The last one is a shocker!

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Nissan Almera

Nissan Almera. Fuel Efficient

The Nissan Almera is a decent car, but decent is sometimes not good enough when you’re going up against the likes of Toyota Vios and Honda City which are in the same ballpark price-wise. With these two better options on the market, few choose to buy a Nissan, which results in its value dropping like a stone in just a few years of ownership!

For example, if you bought your Almera in 2019 at RM63,000 its current value would only be RM36,000 a low 57% of the original price! If you bought your Almera 1.0 in 2021 for RM80,000 its current value would have dropped to RM41,000 or a 49% drop in value! A 5-year-old 2019 Toyota Vios in comparison, can go for RM64,000 or roughly 80% of the original price. A massive difference!

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Proton X70 1.5l TGDI Standard 2WD

The Proton X70 has been making waves since it first launched in 2018, signalling a comeback for Proton. X70 sales continue to increase, but not all is sunshine and rainbows, at least for the lower spec X70s. There is a lower demand for second-hand low-spec X70s, which results in lower resale value.

Take a 2019 high-spec X70s for instance. It retains a much higher resale value of up to 69% or roughly RM78,000 of the original RM115,000 starting price. Compare that to a lower-spec X70, which would depreciate to 51% (RM51k) of its value by year 3 and 49% (49k) by year 5.

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Mazda 3 1.5l SkyActiv-G

Mazda 3, fuel efficient

Mazda cars are sleek, stylish, powerful, fuel-saving and much like their little brother Toyotas, extremely reliable. The Mazda 3 is no different.  Yet a brand new Mazda 3 1.5 SkyActiv-G bought in 2019 can go from RM140,000 when driven off a lot to RM97,000 or 69% of its starting value in 3 years. By the 5th year, a Mazda is valued at around RM81,000 or 57.8% of the buying price.

So why does the Mazda 3 depreciate so quickly? The main reason is brand visibility. Many people don’t know about Mazda, and the ones that are aware may go for a Continental car like a BMW or Mercedes for the added prestige instead.

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Proton Exora RC 1.6l

Proton Exora

The good ol’ Proton Exora. The national MPV. This beauty was only discontinued in 2023 after 14 years of production, leaving the stylish X90 as the indirect successor being a 6-seater SUV. Anyone would think that after 14 years of continuous production, the Exora would be able to retain some value. Yet, truth is stranger than fiction. However, despite the high demand for new Exoras in 2023, the resale value of the Exora after 5 years of ownership isn’t great.

If you bought an Exora Starting at RM59,800 in 2021, the remaining value after 3 years of ownership is RM35,000 (58.5%). If you got your Exora in 2019, the value of your Exora would be RM29,000 or 48% of the original value. 

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Volkswagen Vento 1.6l

Volkswagen Vento

Vento, meaning wind in Italian, is the name for this 5-seater Volkswagen sedan. While it is a decent enough car, the high starting price point of RM94,000 and low demand adversely affect its value retention. And by low demand, I mean really low. Volkswagen sold only 2,612 cars in 2023, which is a drop from 3,812 in 2022!

If you bought a brand new Volkswagen Vento in 2021 for RM94,000, its current value after only 3 years is RM28,000 or less than 30% of the original value! If you got one just before the Pandemic in 2019, your 5-year-old Vento will only be worth RM24,000, about 25% of the original value! This makes the Vento the fastest-depreciating car on this list.

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Although these above cars do depreciate quickly, not all owners focus on depreciation. Some owners bought their cars because of the fuel economy, the comfortable drive, or the performance. There is pride in owning something you truly love and care for.

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