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How does Car Technology make our lives better? Technologies reserved for cars

How does Car Technology make our lives better? Technologies reserved for cars comprise of entertainment and creature comfort purposes, as well as assistance and safety systems.

Car technology has evolved a great deal thanks to vast innovation and development by major car brands. After all, it’’s a race against time to see who could offer the best technology and make the best cars. Modern day cars aren’t simply for transportation purposes only. Cars today offers the best driving experience with trending technologies and semi-autonomous features.

Go to any car showroom, look inside a car on display and you’d see a touchscreen, either built-in or floating. The touchscreen acts like a smart device or mobile phone to enable driver and car to connect. Touch-based controls allow driver and passenger to control the air-conditioning, change vehicle settings, interact with smart devices, make a call, operate an application and communicate via voice assistant.

The touch or display screen has come a long way with more and is one of the most prevalent car tech features in 2020. In time to come, touch display screens will get larger and fill up almost the entire dashboard. Touch pad on the center console is quite a norm as well.

We are here to highlight some relevant car tech available currently:

  1. Voice Command or assistant does what google assistant or siri does on an android phone or iphone. With Voice command, you just say ‘Hi (Brand)’ and speak a desired function to enable it.
  2. Digital key is a virtual assistant that unlocks car door whenever it detects the driver’s presence. In other words, the car opens the door to welcome the driver.
  3. Remote Start works like keyless entry, it enables unlocking and locking from anywhere within a required range or distance to the vehicle. Keyless entry also detects the location of your car.
  4. Premium Audio System: You’ve heard of BOSE, Bang & Olufsen, Bower & Wilkins, Burmeister and Harmon Kardon. These brans are fitted as factory standard for Premium car manufacturers like Aston Martin, Porsche, Volvo, Mercedes-Benz and BMW. Premium audio systems with subwoofer and multiple speakers  deliver top-notch sound inside a vehicle with a theater-like experience and absolute crisp & clear bass audio reproduction.
  5. Front and rear cameras are replacing regular sensors even in entry level cars. Most cars these days have a basic rear camera which is projected on the display screen. However, front camera is usually reserved for higher priced cars.
  6. Launch control is enabled with just a push of a button, the car lines up to launch ahead, giving you a simulated turbo boost effect. Certain models from top brands have this feature but it is still a rather premium feature and should be used with caution.
  7. Torque vectoring allows for a better distribution of torque across the  four wheels, It gives more grip and usually goes undetected by the driver. It acts passively.
  8. BLIS (Blind spot monitoring system) is a set of sensors mounted on the side mirrors or rear bumper to detect vehicles in the adjacent lanes.
  9. Heads-up Display (HUD) isn’t a new tech, but it has evolved to another level all together in cars. From simple HUD interface with speed and signal indicators in black and white to full color display of current rate of speed, turn-by-turn navigation directions, road signs, speed limit and active driver-assistance systems.

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