Crossover or SUV: Which Is Better for You?

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The Crossover or SUV, the age old question. To someone unfamiliar with cars, they seem like slightly different versions of the other. Sometimes they seem like the same car, as some even call crossovers a ‘crossover SUV’. But are they really that similar?


Both SUV and crossovers are built in factories around the world. However, there are in fact different construction methods that reflect their design origins and purpose.


body-on-frame Crossover vs SUV

SUVs are built in a similar way to commercial vehicles, trucks, and off-road vehicles. Like these vehicles, SUVs have lots of room, in addition to towing and off-roading capabilities. All these vehicles use a body-on-frame construction, where different bodies are attached onto different frames. Only vehicles that need lots of space and can go off-road are built like this nowadays.

However, this did not stop SUVs from becoming popular with city folk around the world. SUV numbers have jumped from less than 50 million in 2010, and was expected to exceed 280 million in 2020. Today, the number of SUVs stand at 320 million.



To some, crossovers look like a larger sedan. That is because crossovers have a unibody, where the body and frame are built together as a single structure. This makes the unibody a bit harder to make but they tend to be safer because of integrated crumple zones. It’s smaller size can also be beneficial to those living in the city.

Crossover or SUV, which is right for you?

Crossover and SUV

If you’re expecting to go off-road often or perhaps tow something behind you, then an SUV might be a good fit for you. If you want the benefits of an SUV but still be able to fit down those narrow city roads, a crossover might be the better choice. So if you have to choose between either a crossover or SUV, it is really about how you drive and where you want to go.

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