How to be a Grab driver

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A grab driver has many benefits. Some of them include flexible working hours, daily income, and getting to be your own boss! How do you do that? Well, look no further! Here is how you can be a Grab driver!

The Car

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The car you own cannot be more than 10 years old.

The most important piece of equipment you will need is your car. It is your office and the means for you to pick up and send people to their destinations. You can’t use any old car, however, as your Grab car cannot be older than 10 years. If the car is older than three years, you will need to have a Puspakom Car Inspection.


Your car will affect what kinds of services you can provide while driving for Grab. If you drive a restricted car like a Proton Kelisa or a 2 door Proton Satria Neo, you can’t be a Grab driver. Check the full list out here.

If you have a comfortable sedan however, you can become a GrabCar Plus driver. Or if you drive an MPV you can go for GrabCar 6-Seater. Luxury sedans will allow you to provide GrabCar Exec services.


When preparing to be a Grab driver, you will need to prepare some documents for Grab to review. The first of which is your blue NRIC and a bank account created with this IC. If you don’t have a blue IC, you can’t become a Grab driver.

You would also need to submit your driving licence and car grant. Your criminal record must also be spotless and you cannot be terminated by Grab before. Insurance as an E-hailing driver is also needed, but Grab does provide options for that.

So if you have all your documents, you can sign up here!


Driving in the rain

While you wait for Grab to check the documents and conduct a background check you can go for the Grab online training and test.

Once confirmed by Grab, sign up for the (Public Service Vehicle Service Driver Basic professional Course) PSV programme. Then you will need to sit for the online training course and will have to sit for the PSV exam and get a minimum of 80%. You can also go for the compulsory medical check-up in the meantime.

Once you pass the PSV exam, upload your PSV and E-hailing insurance documents on the app. Then you can apply for an E-hailing Vehicle Permit (EVP).

Once you have your permit, you can start receiving jobs! And that’s how you can become a Grab driver!

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