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How to buy a car with myTukar

Buy car

You do not want to rush when you buy a car, even more so with a used car. You need thorough research to ensure you get the right car for you. On top of that, you want be sure the car you buy is not a lemon or comes with a variety of issues. That is why we have an extensive variety of myTukar Certified cars that go through a rigorous 160-point inspection where all faults will be fixed and refurbished to be As Good As New! 

How to buy with myTukar

Find your preferred car

Once on the website, you can view cars by price range, brand, year, mileage, body type, transmission and other filters. As all our information is transparently and fully available on the website, you can view the full 160-point inspection report through which we guarantee no mileage tampering as well as no major accidents, fire & flood damage for all cars. You can also view the exterior and interior of each and every car in 360°. 

Once you are satisfied with the car, you can proceed to the next step:

Reserve a car

Once you find a car you want, you can reserve it to ensure no one else buys it while you are still deciding! To help you make that decision, you can book a test drive as nothing beats a real test drive to get the feel of the car. If the car you want is reserved, you can provide your phone number so you will be notified should the car become available!

Buy your car

Once you are satisfied with the car, you can buy it! You can choose to pick up the car at the nearest Retail Experience Centre or you can choose to have the car delivered to you in one of our flatbed trucks! If you realise the car is not for you, simply return it with our 5-day money back guarantee! 

If you need to take out a loan, no worries! myTukar can help you with that! Browse the loan options of our panel of partner banks and pick out insurance at the same time for maximum convenience. We also provide a 12-month engine & gearbox warranty to ensure peace of mind.

Just like that, your hassle-free car ownership experience begins. Head on over to our main page to get yourself a myTukar Certified car! If you are interested in selling or trading-in your car, read this article to learn how to sell your car!

Buy car

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