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How to change a car battery

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Changing a car battery on your own is not a straightforward task. You should consult a professional or better yet, have them do the job for you! If you still want to go ahead with it, do try jump starting your car before you try to change your car battery.


Before you can change your battery, make sure your car is in a secure and level area. This is to prevent accidents that could happen when you are working under the hood.

To Change The Battery

A battery without obvious colour coded terminals

The Battery

Battery removal with socket wrench

Once the engine is cool, you can get to work. You will first need to identify the terminals. The terminals are usually coloured red (positive) and black (negative). First, use a socket wrench to disconnect the bolts, then disconnect the negative and the positive in that order.

Remove the battery

change the battery by lifting the handle

Wear gloves and safety goggles if you have them, as they protect your hands and eyes from possible battery acid spills. Set the clamps aside before removing the battery. Once the clamps are out of the way, lift the battery by the handle (if present) with care.

Clean the Battery Terminals

Removing rust from battery terminals
Clean terminals are vital to the proper functioning of a car battery.

Any discolouration of the terminals are likely a result of corrosion, so do check the terminals before installing the new battery. If corrosion is discovered, you can remove it with a wire brush and a baking soda solution.

Install a New Battery

To install a new battery, first remove the covers on the new battery. Then apply anti-corrosion gel on the terminals before placing the new battery in the tray. Reattach the clamps to the battery and connect the positive then negative terminals. Gently move the battery to check if the connections are secure. Recheck the clamps if the battery moves.

Once the battery is secure, close the hood and start your car. Congratulations! You have changed your car battery! If the car does not start, call a professional.

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