How to check what the latest car plate number is

Every car needs a car plate or vehicle registration number, which is why licensed drivers need to buy one before they can get a car. JPJ will then pair this number to a car to make identification simple and straightforward. If you are buying a car, you may want to know what the latest vehicle registration number is. 

Running numbers

A running number is a number that isn’t a so called Golden, Attractive, and Popular Numbers that are bought at auctions. You can bid for running numbers but if the number you want is in high demand, be ready to dig into your wallet! Car plates not sold under this category will be open for public purchase. 

The latest number

Regardless of whether it is because you have a preference, want an auspicious number or have another reason, you can follow the following steps. First, go to the JPJ website. Then pick the state or territory where you want to know what the latest car plate is.

Check Car Plate

Then simply fill in the security code and the latest car plate will be shown.

Number Plate

Do note that even though you can see the latest car plate does not mean it is available! It would be better to use this to estimate what numbers are. That way, you can prepare ahead of time and buy your desired plate before someone else does.

Car plates

Did you know that not all letters are used on public car plates? The letters I (capital i) and O are excluded from the list due to the similarity with 1 and 0 respectively. Z prefixed plates are also exclusive to the military.

Aside from that, every state on the Peninsula begin with different prefixes. 

A – Perak
B – Selangor
C – Pahang
D – Kelantan
F – Putrajaya
J – Johor
K – Kedah
M – Melaka
N – Negeri Sembilan
P – Penang
R – Perlis
T – Terengganu
V – Kuala Lumpur
W – Kuala Lumpur

Do note Kuala Lumpur has 2 prefixes. This is due to the unpopularity of adding a letter after the number, eg. WAA 1234 A. So a new prefix ‘V’ was introduced. 

Sabah and Sarawak do things a little differently. Sabah plates all begin with an S followed with a second letter denoting division of registration. For example, SAA 1234 would be a Sabah West Coast car plate.

SA – West Coast
SY – West Coast
SB – Beaufort
SD – Lahad Datu
SG – Sabah Government
SK – Kudat
SL – Labuan (now replaced by L)
SS – Sandakan
SM – Sandakan
ST – Tawau
SW – Tawau
SU – Keningau

Sarawak does the same, as number plates begin with Q followed by a letter denoting the division or district of registration. For example, QAA 1234 would be a Kuching car plate.

QK – Kuching
QA – Kuching
QB – Sri Aman and Betong
QC – Samarahan and Serian
QL – Limbang
QM – Miri
QP – Kapit
QR – Sarikei
QS – Sibu and Mukah
QT – Bintulu

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