How to check and pay your car saman online

In days gone by, one would have to go to offices or make phone calls to obtain information. In the digital age, one can do so from the comfort of your home with a electronic device. This article will teach you how to check your car saman online! With the extension of the 80% saman discount to 31st December 2021, now is the best time to pay it off! Do note, that all saman are applicable except:

Check MyEG’s Website

MyEG Check Summons Online
The MyEG website’s ‘Create an eServices Account’ page.

MyEG‘s website is an online portal that offers various services. You can renew your road tax, insurance, driving license, and even order a MyKad replacement. In a few simple steps, you can use this portal to check your PDRM, JPJ, and AES saman.


Check JPJ’s Official Website

JPJ Check Summons Online

Once at the website, you can choose to enter your MyKad number only or both the MyKad and your vehicle registration number from the available dropdown menus. Then you will need to input the required information before proceeding. Then all relevant information in regards to JPJ and AES saman will be displayed. You can then choose what action to take.


Rilek, Check Summons Online

RILEK is short for ‘Rangkaian Interaktif Laman Elektronik Kerajaan’ or ‘Government Electronic Interactive Network Site’. This government operated website is part of the government’s initiative to provide e-services to the Malaysian people.

Like the other websites, you have to register before using it. Once you’ve registered and log in, you will need to search either JPJ or PDRM saman, but not both at once. Any saman can then be paid off via the available internet banking solutions.

MyBayar Saman

MyBayar Saman, Check Online Summons

MyBayar Saman has a very simple and straightforward system where you can register on the website or app and then pay your saman. You will have to key in your personal information, input the OTP confirmation sent to your phone and set your password.

Once you log in, you should come to this screen:

Your saman and other information will be displayed. You can then select your payment method and pay your saman.

All in all, it is suggested you try all the websites and find which is best for you. After that, you know how to check your car samans online and you can at any time pay them of! If you are a fan of cars you can buy a second-hand car that is myTukar certified or sell with myTukar!

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