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How to Remove Car Scratches Using Home Products

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It is quite a bummer when your car gets scratches. Sometimes, you do not even know how the scratches end up being there in the first place. The good news is, you can fix the scratches on your own without sending your car to the specialist. How do you fix it? Household products can do wonders. We kid you not. After this read, you will learn ways to remove car scratches without any mechanic or car knowledge necessary.


A tube of toothpaste can erase small scratches on your car’s paint job. The paste works to gently sand down the uneven surface and fill in the crack. Make sure the scratched area is clean and then gently rub toothpaste onto the scratch using an old toothbrush. Wipe it off afterward and apply a second coat if necessary. Plus, if your headlights are cloudy, toothpaste can also work its magic, making it look brand new.

Nail polish

The next method to remove car scratches is to get some nail polish. Nail polish offers the added benefit of actually “painting” over the scratch, so it is best to find a bottle that somewhat matches your car’s colour. Just clean the scratch and then paint on a light coat of nail polish. Pro tip: Use a toothpaste before the polish to remove excess paint from the area.

Candle wax

Who would have thought candle wax can play such a role? A small amount of the sticky substance should fill the scratch and act as a sealant. Just rub a bit of warm wax on the scratch but be sure to use this for emergency cover-ups only, as it can cause damage in the long run.

Shoe polish

Shoe polish’s fast-drying texture makes it a great home remedy for car scratches. Ideally, the shoe polish colour should be a shade darker than your car’s paint job. After cleaning the scratched area, gently apply the shoe polish directly on the scratch and rub it in.

Now that you know some of the ways to remove car scratches using home products, you won’t need to be panic by sending them to any car specialist right away. At myTukar, we do provide maintenance services, if your car is in need of fixing, our team will be glad to do the work.

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