How to easily renew driving license in Malaysia

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Now that a number of states have entered Phase 3 of the National Recovery Plan, we are now once again driving. You may have remembered to renew your road tax, but is your driving license still valid? Here’s how you can renew driving licenses.

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Your driving license

When you obtained your driver’s license, you might have noticed a date on the card that states the expiration date. Before November 2011, the expiration date was a random date that is set according to the validity period that you have picked (1, 3, or 5 years). After November 2011, the expiration date of the driving license matches the driver’s date of birth, so it is easier to remember.


Before you renew your driver’s license, you cannot be blacklisted and you must have an existing driving license.

If you fulfil the above conditions, you can then proceed to renew your driving license. Below are the prices of the driving license based on the validity period.

Validity Period (year) Price (RM)
1 30
3 90
5 150

Driving without a valid license

If you are caught without a valid driving license, you could be fined. This fine depends on how long your license has expired.

1-15 Days RM 150
16-30 Days RM 200
31-60 Days RM 300

If you have not renewed your license for more than 3 years, you will have to take the exam again. An eRayuan letter will be given to you to obtain a learner L license which costs RM30. Once you have passed the exam you will be issued a probationary (P) license for 2 years.

Renew driving license

You can check the validity of your driving license by visiting JPJ’s website. Once at the website, follow these steps.

  1. Click on the ID category and choose the appropriate ID. For Malaysians, click on MyKad.
  2. Insert your ID number and the security code given. Make sure you follow the format and key in the correct information.
  3. All information related to your driving license will be shown.

If you need to continue with renewal, follow the following steps.

In-person renewal

Post office

To renew your license at any POS Malaysia branch, bring your MyKad and your most recent driver’s license. You can choose to make an appointment or just walk into the closest post office to you!

Road Transport Department Malaysia (JPJ)

Another option is to head to your nearest JPJ office with your MyKad and your most recent driving license. You can also bring a photo with you, though it is not necessary. It would usually take less than an hour to renew your license here.

Urban Transformation Centre (UTC)

You could also head to a UTC (Urban Transformation Centre) as most have an attached JPJ branch where you can renew your driving license. These UTCs are: 

  • UTC KL, Kuala Lumpur
  • Mini UTC Sentul, Kuala Lumpur
  • Mini UTC Keramat, Kuala Lumpur
  • UTC Kedah, Kedah
  • Mini UTC Sungai Petani, Kedah
  • UTC Perak, Perak
  • UTC Melaka, Melaka
  • UTC Johor, Johor
  • UTC Pahang, Pahang
  • UTC Terengganu, Terengganu
  • UTC Kuching, Sarawak
  • UTC Sibu, Sarawak
  • UTC Miri, Sarawak
  • UTC Sabah, Sabah
  • UTC Tawau, Sabah

Online renewal

You can also log into MyEG to renew your driving license. If you don’t have one, you can simply create an account and renew your driving license. You can also check your car saman while there.

Create an account with myeg to renew your drivers licnese
Creating an account with MyEG.

Once you have created your account, log in and follow these steps:

  1. Select ‘Renewing Drivers License’
  2. Fill in all the required information and select your payment method. Make sure all the information provided is correct before making the payment.

And all you have to do is wait for your driver’s license to arrive. Do note that there are delivery charges:

Klang Valley RM 5
Peninsular Malaysia RM 6
Sabah and Sarawak RM 10

*A charge of RM5 is charged for delivery around the Klang Valley, RM6 for peninsular Malaysia and RM10 for Sabah and Sarawak.

Another way is to go directly to the homepage and select ‘Renew Driving License’.

MyEG Homepage

From there you will come here, where you can choose to renew driving license or roadtax, either button will take you to the MyEG website above.

Do remember that access to internet services is uneven in the country, so you might still need to go to a physical location to get your license renewed. We hope this article has helped you plan the renewal of your license.

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  1. Hi, Cheong Weng Kin. If you want to check if it is being delivered, you can click here. Otherwise you can just check it normally after logging in.

  2. I had been working foreign country for years, and now I’m back. and HAD LOST My M’sia D. Licence. but Im holding foreign driving licence, what can I do?

  3. Hi I have a representative who is going to renew my driving licence in Malaysia as I am currently residing overseas. According to jpj website I can supply either my original license or a copy, the way its worded is original/copy of driving licence. Could you confirm this please or do they need to see my original driving license? Many thanks Charanjit

  4. Hi Eugene, can I renew my expired license (within 3 years from expiry) without presenting my old license? I misplaced it. According to JPJ it only expired in 2021

    1. Hi Jay, if you misplaced your driving license you will need to make a police report before you can apply for a replacement.

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