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How to test drive a used car with myTukar?

Buying a car

It is completely normal for consumers to test out anything before they make a purchase. But why is it so? The answer is simple, we all just want to make sure the product suits us and is in good condition. Moreover, a personal asset as valuable as a car usually requires a considerable amount of time and thought before we decide whether to throw our hard-earned money into it. Buyers usually would request for a test drive before making any commitment. Therefore, in this guide, we will show you how to test drive a used car with myTukar.


test drive a used car mytukar

Firstly, you can visit our buy car page, select your desired vehicle and click on ‘book a test drive’. After submitting your details like name, contact number, preferred date and time to test drive, our team will get in touch with you to confirm your appointment. Do remember to stick to the date set for a smooth test drive process.


lazada shopee online mytukar test drive used car

Besides, our online shop on Lazada and Shopee is available 24/7 for your car buying pleasure. Same procedures apply, after getting your details, our team will contact you the soonest.


whatsapp test drive used car mytukar

Lastly, if you prefer the more straight forward approach and talk to our customer experience team, you can always WhatsApp to 018-224 9999 and let our friendly vehicle expert know your car of choice to test drive. We ensure your car buying journey is the most satisfying one, thus achieving a peace of mind.

We hope you find this guide useful. Ready to drive away a brand new ride? Let myTukar help you reach your car dreams.

Buying a car


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