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Important Road Signs You Should Know About

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Most people use car horns to communicate with other cars on the road. It can sometimes be a great tool, but it can also cause an accident to happen at different times. Thus, road signs are created to prevent the latter from happening. Unfortunately, most people are not familiar with the road signs in Malaysia because there are too many to remember. So here is a guide to familiarise yourself with the variety of signs on our roads.

Here are different types of road signs in Malaysia:

Types of Road Signs


Mandatory road signs

Mandatory signs are placed at locations where drivers are required to adhere. These signs come in blue background with white pictograms. However, the Motorcycle Lane Expressway sign is green in colour. On this lane, motorcycles are led to a designated lane on the highway (usually on the extreme left). This is to prevent a collision between a motorcycle and a car from happening.


warning road signs
warning road signs more

Most Warning signs have diamond shapes and yellow background, contrasting with their black pictograms. You can see them alongside the road, preparing drivers for what lies ahead. For example, drivers will need to slow down their cars when encountering Slippery, Winding, or Steep road signs. As for the Junctions signs, drivers will need to prepare themselves to signal. Besides that, drivers will need to stop their cars for those incapable of reacting in time: School Pupils, Blind Persons, and Disabled People.


prohibitory signs

Prohibitory signs has a striking usage of colours: red borders, black pictograms, white background, and the occasional blue or yellow background. These road signs are compulsory for drivers to abide by, and there may be consequences if not followed. For instance, the Height, Weight, and Width limit signs are to warn drivers before entering an underground parking basement or Stormwater Management And Road Tunnel (SMART). If ignored, there is a possibility for the car to get stuck and be unable to exit the area.


Information road signs

You can spot information signs almost everywhere as they provide only general information. Similar to mandatory signs colour scheme, they come in blue backgrounds and white pictograms. Those with green backgrounds and white pictograms are often located on the highway. For example, you’ll be able to see an Expressway Starts sign before entering the highway. If you’ve been driving for more than 30 minutes, it’s best to start looking out for the Rest and Recuperation (R-R) sign. Once you’ve reached the R-R area, get some good rest before continuing your journey.

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