Most Useful Driving Apps When Driving in Malaysia

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There are many apps one could use when driving in Malaysia. Some of these come with your phone no matter where you live. Others are region or even country specific. These need to be downloaded before you can use them. So here are some useful driving apps when driving in Malaysia.


Many Malaysians use the popular navigation app Waze. Waze works differently from other navigation apps because Waze is community-based. This means users of the app upload information about their travel routes such in real time. Traffic information ranging from traffic jams, car accidents, and even potholes are available on the app. Therefore, other users can use this information to make informed decisions on their travel plans.

On top of that, Waze has all the functions of a regular navigation app. It can calculate and provide estimates of travel times from your present location and destination. The app also has a long list of categories ranging from drive-through and parking to hospitals and pharmacies at a push of a button.

These categories allow users to quickly search for places of interest based on their needs without having to type. For example, a user can simply tap on ‘food’ instead of typing out ‘restaurant’ when hungry. Or simply press ‘drive-thru’ to view all the drive-through eateries in the area.

This all in one app covers a lot of functionalities and is a must have for Malaysian drivers. However, it does not cover paying for parking.

Waze categories useful driving app
The types of locations available at the push of a button is quite extensive on Waze.


Another great app to have is the Boost App. Apart from just being a general eWallet, Boost also provides parking payment options. You can also view the per hour parking rate of your present location. Aside from that, the Boost app covers not only Kuala Lumpur but also Subang Jaya, Kota Bharu and Machang in Kelantan, and Kuala Terengganu in Terengganu. So if you ever drive to one of these cities you do not have to get a new app.


Touch ‘n Go

Regardless if you are a fan of RFID or the smart tag, the Touch ‘n Go app is a must have. It is an eWallet which can be linked to your Touch ‘n Go card. Once the app and card are linked users can reload their card using the app on their phone instead of having to go to a kiosk.

If you choose to obtain an RFID tag, you can link it to your app too. With an RFID, a driver can now drive right through a toll plaza without having to reach for their SmartTag or Touch ‘n Go card.

In either case the app makes driving through toll plazas a much smoother experience.

Touch n'Go eWallet
The Touch ‘n Go app. Source.

So these are three useful driving apps that every Malaysian driver must have! Don’t have a car? Buy your car with myTukar which we will deliver to you! Or sell your car for the best value with us!

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