myTukar Offers Car Loan Interest Rate As Low As 1.68%

car loan interest rate

It is completely normal to get a car loan nowadays. Why is it so? You won’t feel burdened to fork out a huge sum of money to purchase your desired vehicle. Moreover, you get to settle the car loan with affordable monthly repayments. Guess what? You are in for a treat! Read on to know how to enjoy the lowest car loan interest rate in the market.

What Are Car Loan Interest Rates?

Firstly, you need to understand different banks offer varying interest rates. Therefore, you should always choose the most suitable bank that caters to you. What you should look into? The loan amount you are getting, loan period and interest rate. Meanwhile, usual car loan interest rates for used cars are between 3.5% to 4.5%. After knowing these crucial information, you will be able to determine your monthly repayments. For more in depth details, you can refer Car Loan Interest Rates in Malaysia. In the guide, you will also learn how to calculate car loans and interests on your own.

Purchase a car from myTukar and enjoy interest rate as low as 1.68%

Here is one sweet deal for all myTukar customers. From now till 31st December 2021, purchase a used car from myTukar and reap the benefits of 1.68% interest rate. In addition, vehicles aged up to 8 years are able to enjoy the low interest benefit. Isn’t this a good deal? However, do take note that interest rate varies depending on your loan amount and period.

What are the advantages when you purchase from myTukar:

-Take pleasure in our 5-day money back guaranteed. If it doesn’t suit you, you can return the car in 5 days.
-Our cars have passed 360 degree inspection to ensure its quality and safety so that you can have a peace of mind.
-With every car purchase with myTukar, you can claim warranty up to 1 year. We will even fix your car within 30 days of purchase.
-We deliver nationwide to your doorstep as you do not need to leave your house.
-Enjoy high trade-in offer with unbeatable rates.

Hurry up, you do not want to miss this great opportunity to buy a car as we offer the lowest car loan interest rate. Get in touch with our team now at 018-224 9999, browse our cars online during your free time or visit our retail experience centres today.

Promotion Eligibility Requirements:
(a) The vehicle purchased shall not be more than eight (8) years; based on the manufacture/make year;
(b) Minimum loan tenure shall be three (3) years up to a maximum of nine (9) years;
(c) Minimum loan amount of RM30,000 & maximum up to RM150,000;
(d) Promotion applies for Car Booking placed from 22nd November 2021 until 31st December 2021;
(h) Vehicle delivery arrangement needs to be arranged by 31st January 2022 or 30 days from the booking date to be eligible for this campaign (“Delivery Date”).

*The Customers eligibility for financing is subject to the terms and conditions imposed by our participating banks which would be made available to the Customer upon request. Interest rates offered by our participating banks starts from 1.68% and shall vary depending on the loan period, age and price of the Referred Vehicle.
*The final interest rate is subjected to credit score rating and participating bank’s approval​

For the full terms and conditions, click here.

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