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myTukar Announces Integration of CTOS Digital Solution for Increased Efficiency in Credit Decisioning


Kuala Lumpur, 11 August 2021 – myTukar Sdn. Bhd. (the Company), Malaysia’s fastest-growing digital used car platform today announced the integration of CTOS Application and Decisioning Solution (CAD) into myTukar’s digital platform for increased efficiency in customers’ loan approvals, making it the first company from an automotive industry to rollout the digital solution.

CTOS Application and Decisioning helps corporates make credit decisions efficiently and accurately via automated analytics and insights. This will prove to be a large step in the right direction for myTukar, given it is currently building a financially inclusive used car financing system that rides on AI-driven lending metrics. This enables businesses to speed up credit application approvals at point of sales to drive exceptional customer experience, freeing businesses to concentrate on what matters – the personal touch of human interactions. Ultimately, this improves business turnaround time whilst maintaining a personal touch for customers who value it. 

Jeffrey Ong, CEO of myTukar said, “This collaboration with CTOS is very timely as it is happening at the height of our business expansion in Malaysia. The scalable and customisable nature of CTOS Application and Decisioning allows us to make strategic decisions on automating the process versus personalised one-to-one customer service. We have seen immediate improvements to both business processes and performance using the new system in testing. The system provides access to superior data which can help us make better decisions instantly. This will shorten our processes which traditionally take two to three days to only 24 hours, which has become an expectation by customers in today’s fast-paced digital world. We are pleased to roll out the integration of CTOS Application and Decisioning into myTukar interface which ultimately supports our mission of making used car buying and selling simple, convenient, efficient and transparent.”

“CTOS Application and Decisioning will help myTukar speed up the application process and make accurate decisions faster to acquire new customers. It will also help improve overall customer experience by allowing immediate credit decisions at point of sales,” commented Eric Chin, CEO of CTOS Data Systems Sdn Bhd. 

“The Partnership with myTukar is our first venture into the automotive industry, after successful deployments in various other business verticals including telco and financial services such as P2P, credit & leasing, stock broking, wealth management and fintech space. CTOS will continue to expand our digital solutions across new market segments as well as support our partners in rolling out cutting-edge, tailored digital solutions to help them make better credit decisions instantly to meet customers’ needs,” added Eric

myTukar has rolled out the first phase of the CTOS Application and Decisioning digital solution integration in May 2021, with plans to accelerate its implementation in the coming months. The Application and Decisioning solution is expected to benefit all myTukar customers as a value-added service in their loan processing.

For more information on the CTOS Application and Decisioning integration, visit the interactive consumer website at or call 1800-22-5999 to speak to a product genius. 

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