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myTukar X TOC Apprenticeship Programme

myTukar Apprenticeship Programme is taking off! Now anyone can join to become an inspector at myTukar!

The Programme


First and foremost, the programme begins with a training course at TOC Automotive College for apprentices to familiarise themselves with the inner workings of a car. Once the three months of the training course is over, you will be familiar with all the ins and outs of a car.


myTukar Apprenticeship Programme
An apprentice watching an inspector check a car.

Once this training course is complete, you will have the chance to work alongside the professionals as regular inspectors. Apprentices will work at a myTukar branch. Once there, the apprentices will inspect cars under the guidance of the inspectors.

Every month, apprentices will have evaluations based on performance with feedback. After the nine (9) months of hands-on experience, the training course is complete. Apprentices will obtain a certificate and be brought onboard with myTukar as full inspectors with the associated salary and benefits. Subsequently, you will be assigned to work under one of myTukar’s branches.

Practical Experience

Joining this apprenticeship programme will guarantee you to obtain practical experience with guidance from experts in the field. This experience will ensure apprentices are prepared for the work they will do. In addition, successful apprentices have a chance to work with myTukar.

There is currently an intake for the myTukar Apprenticeship Programme coming up, on the 26th of November! For more information, call TOC at +603 7960 8833 or visit TOC to learn more! Terms and conditions apply.

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