Prepare For March More Madness

March is when spring arrives. Of course, we don’t have seasons in Malaysia, but why should we miss out on the fun? That’s why this month, it will be March More Madness! We will be giving out vouchers and rewards worth up to RM 2500 to the first 300 customers! All you need to do is buy a car with myTukar this March!

March More Madness

Now, when you buy a car with myTukar you get:

  • 1-Year Extended Warranty
  • 2x Extended Services
  • Nationwide Delivery
  • FREE myTukar merch

But it can’t really be madness if we don’t top it off with even more FREE stuff now can it? That’s why for every myTukar certified car bought, we will be giving away:

  • Free RM300 Petrol Voucher
  • Free RM200 Grab Voucher
  • Free RM 100 Starbucks Voucher
  • To the first 300 customers!

All you need to do to get these freebies is:

  1. Buy a myTukar certified car from the 1st to 31st March on myTukar
  2. Post a picture of yourself on Facebook or Instagram with your delivered myTukar certified car by 14th April
  3. Write how you felt when you drove it for the first time and add #myTukar and #usedcarsmadeeasy
  4. Make sure your account is public so we can verify
  5. Screenshot the image and send it to your Product Genius!

For reference, the end result should look like one of these two:

What are you waiting for? Buy a car now and be one of the lucky 300 customers this March More Madness!
Terms and conditions apply.

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