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Pros and Cons of Electric Cars

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We cannot deny that electric cars are getting more popular by the day. It may very well be the vehicle of choice for years to come. However, it is best to know how much electric cars are worth, and the benefits and downsides before making any purchase. We have listed the pros and cons of electric cars in this guide for your easy reference.

pros and cons of electric cars
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Zero Emissions

As you may know, electric cars have no exhaust system. The battery powers the motor and all of the on-board electrics. Hence, it does not produce any waste material. Switching to an electric vehicle can definitely contribute to cleaner air and a healthier environment.

Low Costs

It is indeed more cost-saving to charge your vehicle overnight at home than to fill a petrol car every other day. By estimation, to fully charge a vehicle will significantly cost way less than to fill a full tank car to cover a similar mileage. Besides, one may save even more when installing solar panels on your home to power both residence and vehicle. It is good to note that car maintenance is less frequent compared to a regular vehicle.

Silence and Comfort

Pretty sure it goes without saying that conventional cars are quite noisy. On the other hand, electric vehicles are practically silent. In fact, some vehicles are fitted with sound generators to ensure pedestrians are aware of their presence. Furthermore, it is no surprise that electric cars are more comfortable. Why is it so? The batteries are normally mounted low in the car, and the electric motor occupies less space than an engine, the passenger compartment will offer more space than a similarly sized petrol car.


Charging points

The same applies to electric vehicles, you will need to recharge in order to drive. You will normally get a fast-charging wallbox for free when you buy an electric vehicle. That way you can charge your car overnight, provided that you have ample space to park your car after installing the charger. Plus, there are not many publicly available charging points, so convenience is definitely an issue. Whether Malaysia will have an EV revolution depends on our charging infrastructure.

Charging time

It may take a few minutes to refuel a conventional car, however, that is not the case for an electric vehicle. You may charge your vehicle overnight but it does not guarantee long-distance travel. Therefore, a longer stop at designated charging points is necessary.

Purchase price

If you are wondering about the price of an electric vehicle, you might get quite a shock when you find out you may need to fork out over RM150k for a ride. Luxury models can go up to RM580k. Overpriced may be an understatement.

To sum up, now that you know more about the pros and cons of electric cars, what are your thoughts? Perhaps look at some of the well-known electric rides in Malaysia before making a decision. If petrol cars are more of your thing, feel free to browse our range of vehicles available on our site. You can also visit us on Lazada or Shopee for a wide range of services.

Buying a car

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