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5 simple reasons to sell your car to Carro

Want to sell your car but feeling lazy to kickstart the process? We get you – you’ll have to clean your car, list your car, contact potential buyers, free your schedule for a test drive….. Who has time for that? Luckily at Carro (formerly known as myTukar), we strive to make your car ownership experience the best it can be, even when you are saying goodbye to your car. That is why we make it easy for you to sell your car to us. Here are 5 reasons why.

Get a FREE car inspection!

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Before you sell your car, you probably want a mechanic to inspect it. Once the car is inspected, you can get a price estimate. Of course, potential buyers may not agree with that price and bring their own mechanics to take a look at the car. At Carro, you don’t have to worry about all that. All you need to do is book a FREE car inspection at the nearest inspection centre. If you can’t go to the inspection centre, we can arrange for an inspector to go to you! Once your inspection is done, you will get a quotation in 24 hours! And we guarantee that…

We give you the best offer


After the inspection, our inspectors will upload all the information they collect into our AI pricing algorithm. This state-of-the-art algorithm analyses the uploaded data and valuates your car. It checks your car’s condition and items that came with the car and cross-references it with our extensive database which includes market rates, supply, and demand of your car model to produce a value for your car. Once we get your car’s value, we will make an offer for your car within 24 hours.

Get paid instantly


Unlike when you sell your car to a buyer online, you will get your money instantly. We’re not kidding! When we buy your car, you will get paid instantly! Once you get the thumbprint scan done and we sort out all the paperwork, the money will be transferred into your bank account immediately. That way you’ll have money immediately in your pocket, allowing you to plan the next step in your life.

Minimal paperwork

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There is a lot of paperwork when it comes to selling your car. And doing paperwork really sucks. You have to make sure everything is in order, sign the relevant papers and then ensure none of them go missing when you go to the relevant authorities! To ensure your car-selling experience is a smooth one, we will take care of the paperwork for you. All you need to do is sign the relevant documents (we will provide them), complete the thumbprint scan, and we’ll do the rest. You won’t need to go to JPJ to formalise the transfer or drive to PUSPAKOM to get an inspection when you sell your car with Carro.

Upgrade your lifestyle

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By choosing Carro,  you also get the opportunity to trade in your car for a Carro Certified car that is As Good As New. That’s right! You can have your cake AND eat it! Pick from our extensive inventory of cars for one that meets your changing needs. If you are upgrading, you can browse our luxury sedans! Or perhaps you have a growing family? Check out our SUVs and MPVs. All that is left to do is deliver your old car and drive home your new one!

To wrap it up, selling your car to us is a no-brainer! Not only will you get a fuss-free car-selling experience, your car will also get a second lease on life! Start your car-selling journey with Carro and book a free car inspection today!

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