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Your car’s appearance matters. It feels good to have a car that looks and feels brand new. And you don’t have to do anything fancy like a full makeover or new paint job. Sometimes, all you need is a simple wash and polish to get you the desired effect! Apart from the obvious benefits of looking better, a good wash and polish also offer several other benefits which we will go into.

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Removes damage from wear and tear

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Try not to let it get too bad

Your car not only ferries you to and fro. It also protects you from the elements as it does so. But these elements end up damaging your car’s exterior paint too. Here are a few examples which can be resolved with a wash and polish.

The sun

It’s not always possible to park your car in the shade, so your car will be exposed to the sun at some point in its life. Unfortunately, the blazing sun’s rays are capable of making your car paint fade. A car with faded paint will look poorly maintained or older than it actually is. A car polish will make it shine like it just rolled off the factory floor.


As you drive, impurities like dust collect on your car. This isn’t the typical household dust mind, but heavy metal dust from construction sites or tar from the road which leaves scratches in the paint. If these scratches are shallow enough not to break the paint, a good polish can remove them. The end result is a smooth even look on your car paint. Anything more and you will need to repaint to avoid rust spreading on your car!

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Bird droppings

The bane of all drivers, bird droppings are an ugly sight on a car. They are also acidic, which can corrode the paint and make it lose its lustre. If it gets to the metal, it could start to rust. So if you notice any bird droppings on your car, you should immediately remove them and get a car wash!

Enhanced protection

Volkswagen Beetle, faded paint

High-quality polishes with sealing properties create a protective layer on your car. Like sunscreen, these layers of polish limit the effect of the sun’s harmful UV rays on your car’s body. The polish will also give you more time to remove contaminants like bird droppings that fall on your car. If removed quickly enough, the paint will be unharmed but the polish will be dulled. Be sure to go to a professional car wash to get that protective barrier back up. You can even top it off with a wax for extra protection!

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Covers defects

Car polish

You may notice swirls and whorls on the paint of your car. These defects are a result of a less professional paint job, but no worries! A simple polish is enough to make your paint look smooth and hide these imperfections! That said, it is probably a good idea to get a professional paint job to fix the issue.

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Better appearance

Shiny paint

One of the main benefits of a polish is its shiny, new and well-maintained appearance. With a professional polish, your car will look as if it just rolled off the factory floor. Even an old car can be made to look much newer despite the years. Therefore, a polish will make your car, and you, look good in front of others, be it a business meeting, a date, a family gathering, or even at a dealer, which brings us to our last point:

Improved value

Man standing in front car, dent
Would you splurge on this car?

A good impression matters. When your car is well taken care of, buyers will naturally peg your car at a higher price. This applies to the appearance of the paint, which is the first thing a buyer sees and quickly helps to inform them of the car’s condition. First impressions matter. Getting your car thoroughly cleaned and polished before a valuation with a trusted platform like Carro is crucial in getting a better price, especially if you are looking to trade-up for a better ride before the holidays!

All in all, it is important to frequently wash and polish your car or it will quickly become dirty and lose its shine. Worse still, the paint could be damaged, resulting in expensive repairs.

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