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Step-by-step guide to get your first car with myTukar

Buying a car

Are you looking to buy your first car at myTukar? Here’s the guide for you:

The myTukar Car Buying Guide

car lights check the car


Never jump straight to buying a used car without adequately checking its condition. You must check its exterior and interior thoroughly to avoid driving home a car that will only increase your repair bills. Make sure you get your hands on the car’s service record. You’ll get an overview of the car’s overall health. myTukar will provide you with the 360 inspection report for the car you’re aiming for. To make sure the report is genuine, you can bring your trusted mechanic to certify for you. 

Test Drive

Another way to better know the used car’s health condition is to bring it for a spin. By testing it out, you’ll be able to inspect the used car’s performance and interior thoroughly. Sometimes the car’s performance is without a doubt in great shape, but interior wise can be the opposite. So better to get a used car that meets both conditions, to drive it home with a smile. To give our customers more time to test the car’s condition, we’re offering a five (5) days test drive service. You can test the car as much as you like before closing the deal.

The Guaranteed System

The fact that it’s used and all the repairs you’ll expect to get it done on – it can get overwhelming. Due to this, we’ve come out with a one (1) Year Extended Warranty, and a thirty (30) quality guaranteed system. To ensure that, you’ll be able to save and enjoy your used car with ease.

It’s normal to change your mind on some things, mainly if you’ve found out you didn’t quite really like it in the first place when you bought it. Naturally, it will trigger some panic in you since you’ve closed the deal on this! Like those ‘there is no turning back’ times, but it’s safe to buy your first car from myTukar. We offer a Money-back Guaranteed system. You’re allowed to return your car within five (5) days of purchasing it and expect a total return of your payment!

Bid Your Car Plate

As for car plate numbers, you can either get it done before or after buying the used car. However, you’ll need to have a car plate number on your car before hitting the road. You can’t be driving around without one. You’ll get a fine for it.

MYSIKAP (ordinary numbers) or JPJeBID (unique numbers) are platforms where you can bid for your car plate numbers. Through MYSIKAP, you’d need to choose the number you like from the provided list and proceed to payment. As for JPJeBID, you’ll need an MYSIKAP account before being able to proceed with bidding. Better prepare your money. It can get expensive when you’re bidding at JPJeBID. 

Get Insured

All cars must be insured if any accidents were to happen to your car. You’ll be able to get it repaired from your insurance claim. Not forgetting that without car insurance you won’t be able to renew your road tax either. You’ll need to get both of them done because it’s against the law not to have one. If it so happens that your car insurance has expired, you can head to our myTukar retail stores to have them renewed. Yes! We do provide this service for our customers’ convenience.

Delivery Options

Have you ever tried car delivery? Well, it’s a convenient way to get the car of your dreams without the need to walk up to stores. Just view your dream car through our website via Virtual Tour and proceed to buy it online. Next thing you know, it’s at your doorstep. This works well if you’re currently living in a remote place with a lack of choices. At myTukar, we are all about convenience. Wherever you are, myTukar will get it delivered to you.

Sign it Away!

Never rush into making a decision, especially a big one like this. Remember, you’re not buying a phone. You’re buying a car! Once you’ve completed all the steps above and signed the papers, your worries will be gone, and look forward to enjoying your dream car.

Buy Your First Car at myTukar!

mytukar 4th anniversary

Here at myTukar, we offer one of the best car selection that are suitable for family, hybrids, long distance, and even more. Once you’ve bought your car from myTukar, you’re automatically eligible to enter our myTukar 4th Year Anniversary contest which you’ll stand a chance to drive home another car which is none other the Proton X70 Premium! Head to your stores and buy your first car today!

What’s the catch you ask?

  1. The contest begins from 1st December 2021, ends on 9th January 2022.
  2. You will need to book and purchase a car within the contest period.
  3. Vehicle delivery needs to be completed within thirty (30) days from the booking date (or latest by 24th January 2022).
  4. Once vehicle registration is complete, you will receive (one) 1 participation entry via Whatsapp from myTukar.
  5. Just sit back, relax and wait for the winner announcement.

Just make sure you’re alert at all times. You don’t want to miss your luck, right?

Click HERE to read the full Terms & Conditions.

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