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The Best Hatchbacks in Malaysia

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There are numerous models of hatchbacks in Malaysia ranging from the infamous Perodua Myvi to the W117 Mercedes Benz A-Class. So, what exactly is a hatchback, and what are the best hatchbacks in Malaysia?

Simply put, a hatchback is a car with a rear door that swings open to reveal the cargo area. Some hatchbacks have foldable rear seats to increase cargo capacity too. Hatchbacks are also frequently small, allowing drivers to squeeze into the tight alleys and parking spaces we find in Malaysian cities. Combine this with an affordable price tag, hatchbacks are most suited for new drivers.

Perodua Myvi

When discussing hatchbacks, we must mention the quintessential hatchback: the Myvi. In general, the Myvi is the perfect starter car. The 2021 versions now can come in Red Mica, though it is still uncertain if Lava Red will be replaced. Starting at RM 40k, the Myvi is affordable, and best suited for those buying a new car. This is why you may find Myvis roaming around Malaysia wherever you go. It also comes with foldable rear seats for extra space if you want to move many items.


Grey Perodua Myvi foldable seats. Best Hatchback.
One of the Myvi’s benefits is the ability to move many items in one go despite its size.

In sum, the above features make the Myvi the most well rounded hatchback on this list.

Perodua Axia

Perodua Axia. Fuel Efficient
Perodua Axia. Image from Perodua.

The Axia is the second car from Perodua on this list, and also the cheapest. Coming in at RM 23k, it offers the best value for money. It is slightly smaller than the Myvi which means it can carry less but can instead squeeze into smaller parking spaces. Throwing Perodua’s fuel efficiency on top of all that makes the Axia worth considering when driving in KL.

Toyota Yaris

Red Mica Yaris Hatchback
The Toyota Yaris has been given an upgrade. Source.

The popular Japanese hatchback was given a facelift in 2021. The 2021 Yaris comes with Autonomous Emergency Braking, Lane Departure Alert, and LED headlights. Other than that, the Yaris is largely the same as previous iterations. Although it has a starting price of RM 71k which is much pricier than the previous two cars, the new safety systems more than make up for the price.

Suzuki Swift Sport

Yellow Suzuki Swift Sport
Only one variant of the Suzuki Swift Sport is available. Source.

Coming in at RM 140k is the Suzuki Swift Sport. This time however, there’s only one version which will not be electrified. Manual lovers will be disappointed however, as no manual version of this car will be sold in Malaysia. The factory warranty is three years or 100,000 km, whichever comes first.

W117 Mercedes Benz A-Class

Grey W117 Mercedes Benz A Class, Best Hatchback in Malaysia
The W117 Mercedes Benz A Class is the highest end hatchback on this list. Source.

The most high-end hatchback on our list is the W117 Mercedes Benz A-Class. They come in two variants, the RM 229k A 200 Progressive Line and the RM 264k A 250 AMG Line. The A 200 uses a smaller 1.33 litre M282 four-cylinder turbo engine, while the A 250 uses an updated version of the 2.0 litre M260.

Not all the differences are in the engine. The A 200 comes with black open pore linden wood trim and Artico faux leather upholstery. In contrast, the A 250 has sports seats with integrated headrests, a Nappa leather-wrapped steering wheel, brushed aluminium decor, and Artico and Dinamica microfibre seat trim.

So this is the complete list of the best hatchbacks in Malaysia! If you are looking for something different, start looking here! If you are interested in selling, check out this page!

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