The Case for Electronic Parking Space Indicators

Have you ever had trouble finding parking? Ever felt frustrated going round in circles desperately trying to see past rows upon rows of parked cars to maybe catch a glimpse of a spot? Ever followed a shopper on their way to their car? Remember the frantic rush to get there before someone else does? 

You are not alone. Malaysians spend an average of 25 minutes searching for a parking space according to research conducted by Boston Consulting Group. These 25 minutes spent searching are wasted time, fuel, and energy. In short, it is wasted potential. You could have gotten to that meeting sooner, sent that letter in time, or meet that deadline if only you had that 25 minutes that was stolen from you. 

Electronic Parking System
A parking space with the parking guidance system installed

Modern Solutions

Enter the Parking Guidance System. We have seen this before in some shopping centres. They signal when a parking space is free and when it is occupied so you can tell where you can find parking from a distance. There even is a centralised system that can show you which areas have more parking! 

Using this system, you can go to areas with more parking spaces and therefore find parking easily, which saves time. This creates confidence in being able to find parking space so there would be less aggressive driving to defend a parking space, reducing the risks of accident and injury. Gone would be the days of going round and round or tailing people heading towards their car to hopefully get parking. The stress of not finding a parking space would be a thing of the past. 

centralised parking system

This system benefits both the shopping centre and the customers. So why don’t we require a parking guidance system in every indoor parking space? For all our sakes, maybe we should. 

Images taken from QTS.

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