The most haunted road in Malaysia

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Malaysia is known for having many haunted places, but did you know that there is one road that is notorious for being haunted? That road is the Karak Highway.

The Karak Highway

Karak Highway, Haunted Road

The Karak Highway is the 60km stretch of highway between Kuala Lumpur and Karak. This highway, formally known as the Kuala Lumpur – Karak Highway E8 is prone to accidents, often with fatal results. The largest is no doubt the 1990 Highway Crash, where a passenger bus collided with a lorry, an FRU truck, two taxis, and six cars, leaving 17 dead. As such, it is no surprise that a number of horror stories arose in this particular route. There are two particularly famous ones that we will discuss in this article: the Yellow Volkswagen Beetle and the story of a monstrous creature.

The Yellow Volkswagen Beetle

The Yellow Volkswagen Beetle
The Yellow Volkswagen Beetle. Image from Midnight Scary Show.

As the story goes, if you drive along the highway at night you might come across a driverless, yellow Volkswagen Beetle. There are two popular variations of the story.

In the first version, the Volkswagen is said to constantly reappear in front of the cars that overtakes it.

In the second version, the Volkswagen will find a car that it ‘likes’ and will aggressively overtake it. Drivers will then be shocked to see that the car is driving in reverse without a driver!

The Monstrous Creature

The rule if your car breaks down in the middle of the night on the highway is to not get out for whatever reason. Legend has it that a couple were driving on the highway when their car broke down. The husband then got out of the car to look for help despite the wife’s protests.

While waiting, the wife fell asleep but was awoken by the sound of thumping. Knowing the rule, she decided to stay put. As time went by, the thumping got louder and louder to the point it became unbearable. Before the woman could get out of the car, a police car arrived and shone a spotlight on the car.

The policeman in the car instructed her to come over to the driver side, slowly get out of the car and walk towards them. Although, unnerved by the strange instructions, she followed them. As she made her way towards the police car, the policeman repeatedly told her not to look back. All this while the banging continued. She eventually gave in to her curiosity and turned to sneak a peek, only to find a monstrous creature on the roof of her car. It was eating while banging her husband’s head on the roof of the car. The creature then flew off the car and disappeared into the night.

Aren’t these stories terrifying? As if driving on the accident prone road is not scary enough. So do be careful the next time you drive on this highway, for you may never know what you may encounter on the most haunted road in Malaysia!

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