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Things You MUST Check Before Buying a Used Car

Buying a car

Used cars are becoming the latest trend when opting for a car change but for some it can be an overwhelming journey. 

Like buying a new car, you’ll need to do some studying before deciding which car you’re going for. List down the things you’ll need to check thoroughly and determine if you’re up for the responsibilities that may come after buying a used car.


sleek car dashboard mileage

Always be wary of dealers tampering with/resetting the odometer. You should request for the maintenance and inspection records from the dealers to detect any irregularities. For example, if the mileage is below the average annual usage, you should. Other than that, visible abrasions around the dashboard may indicate signs of tampering. As such, it’s always okay to have the car inspected thoroughly once again. 

Nonetheless, you can file a complaint with the Consumers Claims Tribunal if the odometer has been tampered with. Don’t forget to bring along sufficient supporting documents with you.

Service Records

detailed car engine

Having a good track record of maintaining the car according to the servicing dates says a lot about the previous owner. It’s important to take note of any delayed servicing dates regardless of a completed maintenance record. Once or twice is still an acceptable number but any more than that could impact the car’s performance.

car front rear damage accident

Some cars go through modifications especially for those that went through accidents. With this in mind, it’s best to go through the car’s accident records or insurance company whether the car’s health was compromised in the process.


rusty car


Rust grows through several stages if left untreated. It will spread to the body and chassis of the car and result in structural damage. Familiarize yourself with the rust stages below:

  1. You’ll notice some paint bubbles on the surface. When they break apart, there will be red, black or white corrosion on the metal.
  2. Some deposits can be found which usually appear in powdery texture on the paint.
  3. Very visible corrosion damages and pin holes will also appear.
  4. The signs of holes and corrosion thoroughly penetrated through the metal.

However, it’s advisable to get the car thoroughly checked by a professional mechanic. Just in case you’re afraid you’ve overlooked.

Never underestimate how fast rust can travel.


car lights

To make sure the indicators are functioning.

Broken or cracked mirrors will cause a hindrance to your vision especially when you’re changing lanes. 

Windshield & Wipers
The slightest windshield crack could have compromised the car’s structure and ensure the wipers are in good condition to withstand the rain. Check the wipers if they are functioning perfectly.

Not evenly worn tyres is a sign of car misalignment and it will affect the car’s suspension system and replacing one will cost you a small fortune. Make sure your car tyres are properly maintained to prevent accidents on the road.


sleek car parking brake

Steering Wheel
Make sure the alignment is correct. You’ll need to make sure the car is driving in a straight line to avoid future accidents. 

Air Conditioning
Look out for any leakage, broken condensers, compressor problems or electrical issues. You don’t wish to go through a hot day without air conditioning right?

Parking Brake
If it’s hard to disengage, better put a brake on your consideration.

All fluids must be at an optimal level, especially the brake, oil, transmission and power steering.

Test Drive

car test drive

You can always bring along a friend or a trusted mechanic with you on the test drive. Having two pairs of eyes and ears will certainly be more efficient in detecting problems. Another way for you to not miss any crucial signals is to create a checklist.

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Remember, you’re buying a car not because of how good a deal it is but how WORTHY the overall deal is!

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