This Valentine’s Day, myTukar is Your Partner in Crime

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Love is an emotion that is universal. People all around the world celebrate birthdays, achievements, return and sendoffs of their loved ones. Multiple cultures also have set a date to celebrate romantic love. Among them are Valentine’s Day and Chap Goh Meh.

Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is celebrated on the 14th of February every year and is an international phenomenon. Named after St. Valentine who married couples in secret, the holiday is now observed by people from all walks of life. On this day, many profess their love through cards, grand gestures, or gifts. Others reaffirm it with surprises, dates, and holidays.

Chap Goh Meh is often called Chinese Valentines Day. Falling on the 15th day after Chinese New Year, Chap Goh Meh is celebrated by ethnic Chinese. Girls used to throw mandarins into the river or sea with their phone numbers written on them, hoping that their future husbands would contact them. This tradition has been waning since the rise of the internet.

Now this year is a special year. These two holidays rarely fall so close to one another. Once every 19 years to be exact. Last one time this happened was in 2003 and the next one will be in 2041! So this is indeed a reason to celebrate!

So what can you do over these two days? Nothing shows that you care about someone more than giving them gifts!

Service Package

One of the many ways to show that you care is by taking care of their safety. All you have to do is book a service package. We will take care of the rest and ensure their car is in tip top shape!

Service Inspection

Test Drive

car habits

If you know your loved one is looking for a car, why not book a test drive? That way, both you and your significant other will experience the car first hand. If you prefer to stay in the comfort of home, we got you covered. You can book and go on a virtual test drive right in bed or on your sofa!

Visit an Experience Centre


If you are unsure of what car you want to buy just hop on over to one of our Experience Centres! There you can see all the cars we have on display while on your date. You could go through what both of you are looking for in a car and get to know each other better! And if a particular car strikes your fancy, you can test drive them too!

Booking a Car

If you are more certain about what car you and your significant other are getting, you can skip the test drives and head right to buying it. You can place a booking or put down a deposit for a car as your Valentine’s Day gift!

Valentine's Day

So, those are some of the ways to make your Valentines Chap Goh Meh special. Don’t miss your chance to show someone that you care.

buy car

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