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Types of Cars and Their Roles

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There are a wide variety of cars on the road today. Big cars, small cars, long, short, round, squarish, the list goes on. So we will be diving into what exactly are the different types of cars and their intended role.

Subcompact car

subcompact car

The subcompact car can be seen on virtually every Malaysian road. It is small with great fuel economy, perfect for city life. Can’t think of an example yet? The Myvi is the prototypical example! The subcompact car, though small can increase its cargo space with folded rear seats. Of all the types of cars available, its small size means under certain circumstances, drivers have to choose between maximising cargo space or passenger capacity.



The Sedan is a basic, stable, and safe choice. It is the prototypical example of a car with good fuel economy and is adequate for almost every situation. It can transport people and a moderate amount of items in the boot and rear seats. Unlike the other vehicles on this list, the boot and rear seats are not one continuous space, so it is effectively two smaller compartments instead of one large one. This makes the sedan a flexible jack of all trades, master of none.


convertible, types of cars

Convertibles aka cabriolets are luxurious cars. Shaped more or less like a sedan, convertibles have the extra feature to choose between an open roof and a closed roof. This flexibility allows passengers to enjoy good weather and the driver can also enjoy improved visibility with roof down, and to raise the roof during rain and other bad weather.

However, convertibles are expensive. This type of car is also maintenance intensive due to the increase in the number of moving parts. On top of that, the retractable roof means the car is no longer a sealed box which can keep noise out. How appropriate they are in Malaysia is worth a whole article on its own.


MPV types of cars

MPVs or Multi-Purpose Vehicles, are large spacious vehicles. They can transport large numbers of people but this size leads to problem maneuvering small narrow roads. As such, MPVs may have trouble in cities, especially when the roads narrow. Even so, there are many reasons to buy them.



The Sports Utility Vehicles aka SUVs have high capacity for both people and cargo due to its size. Owners can pick up groceries, carry luggage for road trips, haul the equipment for sports and activities, and still have enough seating for a group of seven. Originally built for rough terrain, modern SUVs can tackle slippery and bumpy roads, as well as shallow water without issue. However, the SUV’s size and power leads to poor fuel economy and is unsuitable for navigating the web of narrow roads often found in cities.

Pickup truck

pickup truck

The pickup truck is a common sight in areas with heavy construction, and for good reason. It has the passenger capacity of a sedan and is able to carry cargo in its cargo bed. The cargo bed allows the pickup truck to transport large volumes of cargo without sacrificing any passenger space without issue. This means the pickup truck requires power, which is why it can be used to tow things as well. However, this size and power translates to poor maneuverability and fuel economy.

And there you have it! A list of the major types of cars. If you are looking for one of the above cars, try checking out myTukar! Who knows, you might find your dream car here!

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