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Used Car Complete Checklist and Ways to Sell Your Car Within 24 Hours!

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A lot of people try to sell their cars. Some sell to their Before you proceed, do refer to this checklist for a peace-of-mind whether you’re buying or selling a used car.

The next step is you want to know more about finding the right car with the right price. There are two options people choose when sorting out for a used car: a used car dealership and private owner. Either way has its good and not-so-good, but as a buyer you should know your rights and more importantly, how far your budget should stretch to get your new ride.

Complete Checklist for buying and selling a used car

Whether buying or selling a used car, the process is pretty similar. Here’s a concise checklist to ensure the car you want to buy is desirable or the car you sell is desirable for the person who’s buying it.

When you want to buy a car, the first thing is to make sure the car you seek is fairly well-maintained, low mileage and priced according to market value, depending on model and year of manufacture.

The next thing to have is the car’s documentations for example, car registration card or grant and service records. There should be a set of keys, a spare and a primary. Both keys must be available when you take delivery of the car or when you deliver the car to a new owner. If you’ve lost the spare key, it would advisable to replace it before you deliver the car to the buyer. When buying or selling, make sure the car is clean inside and out.

Inspect the car thoroughly and test drive

Once you’ve found a car within your budget and it’s a car you want, it’s time to go check it out and test drive it. Before test driving the car, here are a to-do list you should pay attention to: check the switches and car’s functions i.e. wipers, lights to make sure they function properly. Second, give the interior a sweep from dashboard to the boot. Next, inspect the engine compartment to make sure it’s neat and there are no leakages. You might want to look at the bottom of the engine to ensure there’s no fluid dripping, too. Sweep the exterior and see if the paint job is smooth. Observe for nooks and cracks on all surfaces, if any.  

After all that, drive the car at a constant pace and at an accelerated pace. Observe the rev meter and hear the engine sound. Try and get a feel of the gear changes, braking and acceleration. If you detect any issues during the test drive, make a note and inform the seller immediately. You might also want to review the car’s service records.

Documentation is important beginning with the vehicle’s regustration card or grant. The grant shows current and past owners (if you’re not the first owner) of the car. Next, puspakom inspection papers (B5 Chassis and B7 Engine). The B7 is required for the bank to settle outstanding loans and transfer payment (if any) to you. After that is done, the bank deals with the new owner. After payments are settled, the bank appoints a representative or ‘runner’ to go to a JPJ outlet for the final piece of the puzzle. The final piece of the puzzle is to present yourself at JPJ to do a thumbprint and acknowledge ownership transfer to the new owner. Lastly, the car is delivered from seller to buyer.              

How to sell your car within 24 hours

Selling your used car could be very, very tricky and doesn’t really work out unless you know more about the process.

There are two ways to go about it, sell privately yourself (online/dealer) or choose a more effective way to sell your car fast and easy by using a trusted and transparent online platform.

Let’s explore the first option, many private sellers choose Mudah or social media to sell their cars. The process isn’t as simple as it seems. There are many false buyers and only a few genuine buyers out there, you basically don’t know who’s who. If you do get a buyer who wants to view the car, it doesn’t mean you’d get the deal that you want or a committed buyer. It takes a while usually for the whole transaction to come to a conclusion.

Suppose you and the buyer come to an agreement. There are several things to sort out before handing over the car to the buyer. The car has to be inspected at Puspakom twice to generate the required documents. It’s a complicated process, you might want to appoint a representative but it’s going to cost you more than double the actual fees. Then, the papers have to be transferred to the bank to complete loan settlements and deposits. Finally, you need to go to the nearest JPJ (Road Transport Department) branch to perform a thumbprint scan for the transfer of ownership, from your name to new owner’s name. Only after all the above are completed, the hand over of the car is possible. Sounds like a really tedious process, huh? It is, from personal experience. The whole process of selling your car usually takes 2 weeks or more, assuming you do get a genuinely keen buyer. Of course, the Cash option would be faster but you still have to get the required inspection and transfer of ownership done, prior to car delivery. You’re only able to skip the banking process.

How to sell your car within a day?

There’s a way to sell your car within 24 hours and that’s by using a trusted and transparent online platform like myTukar is established to assist everyone to sell cars fast and with the greatest of ease.

All you need to do is register your car details on the official webpage, bring your car to a nearest myTukar inspection center and hand over your car with proper documentation, get paid within 24 hours! myTukar takes care of everything else and your car is likely to be sold within a day, thanks to myTukar’s ever growing network of 2,100+ used car dealerships in Malaysia. Your car is listed on and seen by registered dealers, who’d bid the highest value for your car!    

Traditional way and comparison

Traditional Way

– List car on social media or unproven online sites

– Identify genuine or false buyers

– Arrange with buyer to view and rest drive car

– Go to Puspakom for inspection

– Go to the Bank to settle outstanding loan and settle deposit with buyer or new owner

– Go to JPJ to perform thumbprint and transfer of ownership

– Car delivery or collection

Selling on

+ Register car details on

+ Get your car inspected at the nearest myTukar inspection center

+ Car is listed for Live Bidding and get paid within 24 hours!   

What are you waiting for? Sell with or buy your car from myTukar today!

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