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What does car servicing consist of?

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Whether it is a brand new car or you are buying a second hand car, car servicing is an important aspect of car ownership you need to take care of. Car servicing is both a health check and routine maintenance of your car. Car servicing is usually done after a certain amount of time has elapsed or distance travelled. However it depends on the road conditions and the car. For example, Volkswagen suggests that their cars come in for servicing once a year or every 15,000km. Therefore, we will discuss what car servicing consists of in general terms.

How much does car service cost in Malaysia?

Car Service

A full service in Malaysia costs varies depending on your car. A Perodua Myvi service costs about RM117.70, while a Proton X70‘s service costs about RM825.27. A Mercedes on the other hand, starts at about RM2,788.

Benefits of a full service

A full service ensures that the car is in good working condition and damaged components are replaced. This way, you not only save money should your car break down in the future, but also prevent life threatening accidents from occurring due to malfunction.

What is in a full service?


The filters in your car fulfill the same function: to prevent unwanted particles from entering parts of your car. The four types of filters in your car are the air, cabin, oil, and fuel filters. 

Spark Plugs

One of the things that are rarely seen is the spark plug. If you notice that your engine isn’t starting properly or can’t accelerate well, you might have a problem with your spark plugs.


Car tyre air pressure

During a service, your car tyres will be inspected for its integrity. If all is well, the tyre will be inflated to the right tyre pressure.

Brake Fluid, Engine Oil, Automatic Transmission Fluid, and Power Steering Fluid

Engine Oil

Engine oil, automatic transmission fluid (ATF) and power steering fluid are lubricants. These lubricants slowly break down and lose efficiency, so they are replaced during a full service. 

Cars are machines that need to be taken care of and maintained. As such, do check your car’s service intervals and get your cars serviced. You wouldn’t want to burn a hole in your wallet on repairs just because you skipped a service or two. Good maintenance also helps with the value of the car if you ever do think of selling it.

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