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What is a myTukar Certified Vehicle?

And How myTukar Guarantees Car Quality in 4 Steps

You may ask, how does myTukar ensure every car sold is of the highest quality? myTukar guarantees the highest car quality via myTukar Certified cars which go through these four refurbishment steps before we hand them over to you.

Step 1:  Extensive 160 Point Inspection

Every single one of our used cars goes through a complete and through inspection so we can ascertain the condition of the car. We do this to ensure that the car is flood, fire, and major accident free. If the car is found with any irregularities, photos will be taken and shown on our website.

myTukar certified vehicles

Step 2: Mechanical and general Repairs

Once the car is inspected, the servicing begins. The car’s oil is changed, brake pads checked and replaced if necessary, and wheels balanced and aligned. This ensures that the car is safe to drive.

Step 3: Body and Paint Correction

Next, the surface of the car is inspected. The paint’s thickness and surface is thoroughly inspected. Any irregularities in the car’s surface is then corrected. The perfectly smooth surface is then spray painted and then polished to look pristine.

Step 4: Detailing and Hygiene

Finally, the car is given a detailed car wash. It is also given a thorough interior car cleaning and to ensure maximum comfort and sanitisation to kill off any germs that may be present in the car.

So now you know how myTukar guarantees car quality in myTukar Certified Vehicles, why not check out our huge catalogue of used cars in Malaysia to buy your next car? Do you currently own a car that you want to take off your hands? Sell your used car with myTukar to make space for your new one!

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