What kind of car is best for your personality?

What’s the best car to drive? Well, it’s the one that’s perfect for your personality and lifestyle. So if you’re looking for a car but aren’t sure which one to get, we’ve got you covered. So let’s find out what type of car is best for your personality — here’s four cars to fit four different lifestyles: the eco-fighter, the adventure seeker, the boss, and the parent. And if you find something you like, our Tukar-Je Sale is the perfect time for you to grab your perfecet car going into the new year. Browse our extensive list of myTukar Certified cars now!


Car Trunk. Boot.

Are you a person that keeps up with climate news, your carbon footprint and tries their best to recycle? If so, you definitely need something that is good for the environment. The first step is to get a pre-owned car. The second step is to make sure it is at least a hybrid.

A hybrid uses both petrol and electricity so it still takes you around, while being better for the environment by reducing fuel consumption, and by extension your carbon footprint. A used hybrid lowers your carbon footprint even more, as you aren’t paying for a new car and the carbon emissions used to build it. One example would be the City Hybrid 1.5 AT. Honda claims it only uses a shocking 3.9 litres per 100km!

Browse all Honda City 1.5 hybrid cars now

The Honda City Hybrid: an eco-friendly driver’s dream

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Adventure seeker

This is for the ones looking for new experiences. Maybe you love long drives to Ipoh, Penang or another foodie heaven to stimulate your taste buds. Or maybe you just take late night drives to nowhere in particular.

In any case, you need a fuel efficient car that minimises the number of times you stop to refuel. Not only you will spend more time driving, you’ll also save money! A Perodua Myvi for example, is perfect: at 4.7 litres per 100 km the 36 litre tank can take you 760 km. If you are commuter, the hatchback is also perfect for weaving through lanes of heavy traffic to get you to work!

Find your Perodua Myvi

best cars for young adults
The Perodua Myvi is called ‘the king of the road’ for a reason

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The boss

The businessman. The entrepreneur. The startup hustler. Your work is important and you are striving to make your business grow.

Whether you are a boss or a boss in the making, the car you drive matters. It affects how your potential partners perceive you and can help seal a deal. That is why a car like the BMW 3 Series 330e Sport sedan is a much better fit. Sleek and powerful, this German sedan will show all your partners that you mean business. Couple that with myTukar Certified, you will have a car that can wow your partners.

Find your perfect BMW 3 Series vehicle today.

Driving up like you mean business. Source: BMW.

The parent

We get it. Being a parent is hard. Driving with kids even more so as tantrums in a cramped car filled to the brim with necessities is definitely not ideal. That’s why you need a car that is spacious enough to comfortably accommodate not just the little ones, but also the groceries you need.

This space requirement rules out the smaller vehicles and cars which priorities the front seats over the back ones. This leaves us with MPVs and SUVs, big cars of various sizes to suit different types of families. One option would be the Proton X70, a car with room for five, comfortable reclining seats, and a large boot at 512 litres!

The spacious and powerful Proton X70

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There is a car for everyone. All you need to do is figure out what you like and what you need. With both of these criteria you will be able to find your dream car. Our Tukar-Je Sale is the perfect time for you to grab your dream car going into the new year. Browse our extensive list of myTukar Certified cars now!

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