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What Kinds of Cars Does myTukar Accept?

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Want to sell your car but unsure what kinds of cars does myTukar accept? myTukar accepts a large variety of vehicles, provided they meet our criteria. The criteria are as follows:

1) Less than 20 years Old

Dirty car

myTukar accepts all cars that are less than 20 years old. As of writing, we accept cars from 2001. This is to ensure that the car is still safe, and that the components have not exceeded their lifespan. With that in mind, sedans, MPVs, SUVs, pickup trucks, and other cars are accepted by myTukar.

2) Not a ‘kereta potong’

‘Kereta potong’, or cut and joined cars, are cars that have been cut in half or pieces, then welded together. This practice severely weakens the car’s chassis. This creates a structural weakness in the chassis and is liable to break if put under extreme stress.

It is also possible that these ‘kereta potong’ were meant to be scraped but were instead turned into new cars. Perhaps these cars were in an accident before, which is why they need to be scrapped. myTukar will not take that chance and buy a car with compromised integrity, therefore ‘kereta potong’ are verboten.

3) Not severely damaged

In order to make damaged cars roadworthy again, repairs might be needed. If the damage is light, myTukar might accept the car but the selling price will be lower. If the damage is too extensive, it will not be accepted at all. This is because much like the kereta potong, severely damaged cars might not be structurally sound. So make sure your car is not a kereta potong or severely damaged before selling with myTukar.

4) Vans

Vans are accepted by myTukar, so long as they are used for transporting people. Cargo vans, the ones without windows, are not accepted.

Monochrome photo of man walking in front of transport van
Transport vans are not accepted by myTukar

5) Unregistered vehicles

Unregistered vehicles are not accepted by myTukar as we use e-auto to complete the transfer of ownership. If the car is not registered, we cannot complete this crucial step of selling the car.

6) Kereta Lelong

Kereta Lelong are cars that have been impounded by Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan (JPJ), the police, bankrupt auctions and used government official cars. These are also cars myTukar does not accept.

So, now you know what kinds of cars does myTukar accept and whether your car is eligible to be sold with myTukar! You can also read about how to improve the resale value of used cars before you sell. You can also learn how to get a B5 inspection report.

Sell your car

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