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What You Need to Know About Toyota Supra MK4

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toyota supra mk4

The Supra is popular amongst car enthusiasts for sure. Over the years, it would continue to evolve and get more advanced until it discontinued in 2002. However, the release of the 2021 Supra GR 3.0 has seen interest grow once again in the marque. Nevertheless, it is the fourth iteration that’s got people talking, the car that true fans long to own. So here’s what you need to know about the Toyota Supra MK4.


In replacement of MK3, Toyota launched the Supra MK4 in 1993 with a more aerodynamic design. The new Supra had been in development for 4 years and was Toyota’s direct answer to the performance rivals offered by Mazda’s RX7 Turbo and Nissan’s 300ZX.

Engine & Transmission

The MK4’s engine has become quite a legend as it’s offered in both naturally aspirated or twin-turbo forms. The 3-litre straight-six has 4 valves per cylinder, features sequential electronic fuel injection, an aluminum head, and a cast-iron block.

The twin-turbo cars were fitted with an all-new 6-speed manual gearbox, whereas the naturally aspirated models had the W58 5 speed unit. Each model was also offered with a 4-speed automatic that featured a manual shift mode.

Body style & Body kits

In order to make sure the car’s weight is light, Toyota used aluminium for the hood, suspension arms, and transmission pans. Compared to the previous model, the MK4 was shorter, lower and wider, and 100kg lighter. Therefore, the car community quickly embraced the MK4 with numerous body tweaks.


toyota supra mk4

The naturally aspirated 2JZ-GE unit produced a healthy 220HP, allowing it to accelerate to 60 MPH in 6.5 seconds as a manual and 7.3 seconds as an automatic. The legendary twin-turbo 2JZ-GTE produced 276 HP for Japanese markets, but thanks to upgraded turbos and bigger fuel injectors, the American models were blessed with 321 HP, whilst European models made 326 HP.

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