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Reconditioned (recon) vs used cars: which is better?

We have all heard of used cars and reconditioned (recon) cars. But did you know that they are not the same? So what’s the difference between recon vs used cars?


recon cars

All recon cars are imported from other countries, i.e., not Malaysia. These countries can be Japan, the UK, or any other country with right-hand drive cars.



All recon cars may be used cars from overseas, but they are all refurbished prior to being sold. This means the car will be As Good As New; completely free from scratches, dents, or other undesirable damage a used car might have.

Lower Interest Rates

Aside from that, recon cars have never been registered in Malaysia and are treated as brand new. As such, loans from banks tend to have a lower interest rate for recon cars than used cars despite not being actually brand new.

Better Specs

Another advantage of getting a recon car is the increased variety of models, specs, and accessories available. You can get safety driving aids, rim designs, and body kits not available in Malaysia, if you get a recon version of it.


Missing History

Of course, there are some downsides. Foreign cars usually have no records. I.e., you have no idea what the condition of the car is and how the previous owner used it. That also means the mileage could be tampered and you would be none the wiser.

No Warranty

Another thing that would be missing with normal cars is the warranty. So, although your car is as good as new, there is no warranty covering your vehicle.

High Costs

Lastly and likely most importantly, is cost. Recon cars are imported from abroad and refurbished. This all requires labour to source, process, import, and refurbish the car. So for what is technically a used car, recon cars can be expensive.

Used Cars

Buy Car Trade-in

Used cars, as the name suggests, are locally sourced cars that were used or owned by someone before.


Wide Selection

One of the main advantages of used cars over recon cars is higher availability. As there are a large number of local drivers many of these drivers will eventually sell their cars which make their way into the second hand market. Used car buyers therefore have a large variety to choose from. Compounding this is that used cars are unaffected by the microchip shortage, so while new car buyers might need to wait for months for their new car, used car buyers can get it on the same day.


Another advantage of locally sourced cars is that you can obtain the car’s history. You can cross check the service history and mileage of the car, making it easier to spot irregularities. Cars with spotty records can therefore be avoided in the search of the perfect car.

Direct Negotiations

When buying used cars, you can negotiate with the dealer or car owner directly. If you have great charisma and are a good talker, you can save yourself a pretty penny.


High Interest

The biggest disadvantage of used cars is the high interest. As these cars are no longer new, meaning they have depreciated from their original value. There is also a risk of higher maintenance issues, which also drives up the interest.

Fixed Licence Plates

Another downside to buying a used car is being stuck with the old car’s number plate. So if you happen upon the perfect car but it has an unflattering licence plate, you can either live with it or move on.

It Is What It Is

Lastly, when you buy a used car, you buy it as is. Meaning every scratch, dent, and defect that is on the car will remain there when it is handed over to you. If you want to refurbish the car, you have to do it yourself.

Recon CarsUsed Cars
Interest RateLowHigh
Available RecordsNoYes
Covered by WarrantiesNoDepends
Car PlateNewFixed


With myTukar, you can get the best of both worlds. We inspect all our cars through the regional standard 160-Point Inspection. Every imperfection is recorded and pictures are taken to be displayed transparently on our website. Then we refurbish the car before we sell it to you. That way, you don’t have to worry about any scratches, dents, or other issues.

Since our cars are locally sourced, we have a large inventory of them. You can go through our extensive list of used cars and pick out whichever you like. Don’t worry, we comb through the maintenance records and car history to ensure the car is exactly as you see it. Only then it is a myTukar Certified Car.

We also provide a variety of loan and insurance options through our partners, so you don’t have to search high and low for the right loan for you! Once you get your car, we also provide a 12-Month extended warranty, so we’ve got you covered even after you drive home.

What are you waiting for? Browse our website for your dream car and get the best of both recon and used cars! And don’t forget, myTukar is also the place to sell your used car easily before you get a new one!

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