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Why Are Electric Cars Not Popular in Malaysia?

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electric car is not popular in Malaysia

Did you know that electric cars could be the vehicle of the future? What is it about electric cars that has captivated the world? Environmentalists support the idea as such vehicles cause less harm to our environment. However, driving an electric car is not a trend here. Therefore, we will explore the reasoning behind why electric cars are not popular in Malaysia.

Vehicle price

Firstly, to own an electric car, you would need a huge budget. Normally, you would need to spend around RM150k for a ride. It is somewhat a luxury to be able to purchase such a vehicle. Seeing the recent climate, with job losses at an all time high, consumer’s spending power may be low.

Charging points

The second reason why electric cars are not popular in Malaysia? There are not many charging ports available yet. As you might know, electric cars need to be charged to travel on the road. Yes, when you purchase an electric car, you will install the fast-charging wallbox that comes with it. Even though you have charged your vehicle overnight, you might need to recharge while on a long distance drive. That may be impossible as charging ports are not commonplace.

Charging time

Refuelling at a petrol station will take just a few minutes. However, in order to fully charge an electric vehicle, it would take several hours. The time difference is pretty evident. Therefore, one would need to plan ahead to avoid being stranded while on holiday.

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Buying a car

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  1. It’s not a bad effort, but let’s face it, we’ll never see anything like it here. GM only cares about China. Here we only get useless small SUVs.Keep it up.

  2. If you would like to do mother nature a big favour, then of course, this is the way to go. The good news is the latest electric car launched, Tesla Model 3, looks amazing and unlike any electric car you’ve seen. It could come with a hefty price tag should it be launched in Malaysia due to taxes and conversion rates.

  3. That’s because electric cars have zero carbon emissions and work on renewable resources. However, does its hefty price tag along with other related on-going maintenance costs off-set the very idea owning one?

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