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Why buy a car with myTukar?

Buying a car

How do you buy a car these days? Perhaps you would go to several traditional car dealers and set up numerous appointments. Not only that, you would compare prices and then come to a conclusion to whichever suits you. This takes time and effort, so you might feel pressured to make a hasty decision at some point. myTukar believes the car buying journey of consumers should not be tedious. Therefore, with the adoption of modern technology, myTukar is at the forefront of hassle-free car buying. How can you buy a car and why buy a car with myTukar? You will get all your answers in this read.


buy a car with mytukar

First of all, when you buy a car with myTukar, you are guaranteed the highest quality cars available on the market. From budget-friendly cars like Proton and Perodua, to high-end cars like Mercedes Benz and BMW, we have it all. Besides, all of myTukar cars have gone through our 360 Degree Car Check to ensure its safety and quality for customers.


buy a car with mytukar

Having doubts about whether the ride suits you? Feel free to book a test drive. You can also return the car with our 5-day money back guarantee. You can return the car within five days if you find that it does not suit you.


buy a car with mytukar

What are the additional perks you may wonder? You automatically get a 1-year extended warranty when you buy a car with myTukar. Not to mention the 30-day quality guaranteed that also comes with the purchase. In short, we will fix any problem in 30 days. Therefore, you get to enjoy absolute peace of mind.


Last but not least, myTukar values convenience at the heart of everything we do. Once you have chosen your preferred ride, completed car registration and made payment, we will deliver your car to your doorstep. You can opt for pick up as well at your convenience.

Are you convinced to buy a car with myTukar now? You may WhatsApp 018-224 9999 to our customer experience team for more detailed explanation. Hope you enjoy your new ride.

Buying a car

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