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5 Common Reasons Why Windshields Crack

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Cracks in windshields are nasty things – when you do notice them, most of the times it’s beyond saving. As the car owner, it’s no surprise if you didn’t see them. Oftentimes, your family members or friends are the ones to point them out. Although the chances of getting a crack are low but it wouldn’t hurt to have it covered in your car insurance. Better safe than sorry right? However, it still makes you wonder. How does a windshield crack even happen?

Here are some possibilities:

Cause and Effect

car windshield crack


Defects happen when you’ve not inspected the car thoroughly before buying. You can’t put your complete trust in any car dealers out there. Some are not as genuine as you think. If you’re buying a used car, make sure to thoroughly go through what you should check on. You won’t have to worry about leaving anything out, especially the windshield. Also, make sure you free up your schedule for a test drive – to make sure you’re bringing home a car that is safe for you and your family members (if any). 


How recently did you buy your car? If it’s only recently, then you’d best send it back from where you’ve bought it. If it’s a used car, chances are when they were refurbishing the car, and the windscreen wasn’t installed properly. Thus, it’s best to make a move as soon as possible while your warranty is still valid!

Change of Temperature

The change in the weather can be an example. Imagine going through such high heat on the road and suddenly you’re in a battle with the pouring rain. With the sudden change of temperature, it’s no surprise a crack found its way onto your windshield.

Change of Pressure

Pressure is another culprit to a windshield crack. Let’s say you’re on the highway and you see a Strong Wind Ahead road sign. You’ll need to drive slower at that spot. The sudden pressure of the wind will cause you to lose control of the wheel if you’re going too fast. Let’s also hope your windshield won’t crack under such intense pressure.


Perhaps you were in an accident and you’ve noticed your windshield received a crack but the funny thing is it wasn’t the part that received the collision. Naturally, if any parts of the car were to receive such great force, the shockwaves from the crash would travel. At times, it would travel to your windshield – resulting in it cracking under pressure. Thankfully, windshields are made to withstand significant impacts – they won’t easily burst into shards if an accident happens.

myTukar’s After Sales Services

Are you thinking of buying a used car but you’re afraid you won’t get a more extended warranty period? myTukar is here to provide you with a 1-year extended warranty that includes damage coverage. If you’ve bought a used car recently from myTukar and your windshield happen to have a crack? Bring it to us, and we’ll have it fixed in no time!

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